TACKLIFE 12V Cordless Oscillating Tool

The Tacklife 12V Oscillating Tool is one of the lesser-known products on the market. However, that is because the tool is not from a well-known company to the general public. That is to say, this is not a tool that is strictly for professional use. You can tell that this has the potential to be one of the top contenders for Do-It-Yourselfers. Why did you ask? That is because DIY taskers love that extra torque transfer and rotation that premium tools do not have.

This is certainly not the most powerful tool out there, nor is it the best; however, if you look at what it offers to newcomers or avid DIY fans, you will see how much value the tool has for its price. It has a great battery capacity; yes, this is a cordless tool, after a long list of corded ones; it has excellent charging time; and most of all, it has an insane six-speed switch!


If you are a professional, then chances are you might directly skip this tool since there is nothing special about the tool’s performance that will help you on a professional level. However, if you are an avid DIY fan, there are several reasons why you might find this tool noteworthy.

First off, cordless oscillating tools are a DIY fan’s most prized possession. It has great maneuverability, comes at a low price, has an excellent range of speed for various DIY projects, but most of all, it comes at an affordable price. This is the exact point where Tacklife placed their tool to be.

The tool uses a 2000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery and a quick one-hour fast charger. Moreover, the tool can last up to 40 minutes of continuous use. For a DIY tasker, it is very uncommon that you need to use the tool continuously for that long a period. However, if circumstances do arrive where you need to use it longer than that, then extra batteries are readily available for purchase for an extremely fair price.

The speed range of 5,000 RPMs to 15,000 RPMs will allow you great versatility when handling small projects at home. The tool works the range with pinpoint accuracy, and it has a dual grip variable speed trigger that has enough resistance to avoid accidental switches. However, it is also smooth enough that you will have no problem switching between speed settings.

Build Quality and Design​

This tool comes with a compact design and a light body; however, since it is relatively new, it still is not light as the best in the market since it weighs 4.21 pounds. It might surprise you that this is heavier than most corded tools out there, but you would be surprised to see just how heavy average tools are when you compare them to the best ones on the list. Even though 4.21 pounds might seem heavy if you compare it to other tools on the list, it still is not heavy enough to let fatigue set in.

The ergonomic design with the soft grip makes it very comfortable to hold, and it also provides an excellent grip not to let accidents happen. Moreover, the minimal strain the compact size puts on your wrists will ensure that you can pull off any work until the battery runs out or your job is complete.

Last of all, even though it is heavy compared to the other tools on the list, it is more compact than most, and that means that you can work with it in any place, including tight angles, edges, and awkward places.

Ease of Use​

Since this is a tool for DIY projects, the tool automatically translates to being a comfortable and easy tool to use. The six-speed variable switch is just within reach of your fingers that you will not find it difficult to reach or find without looking. Also, the dial is resistant enough to prevent accidental switching when at work.

Another great feature of the tool is its quick-change accessory system. Since frittering away with fasteners and hexes are time-consuming, Tasklife overcomes this problem with a quick-change accessory system that works with the universal fit system to change accessories without using any wrenches.

When talking about the quick-change system, you cannot just ignore the positives of the universal fit system, as it allows you to fit various accessories that do not even belong to Task life. This benefit allows you a hassle-free time when shopping for a replacement bit or a new required accessory.

You get a multifunctional tool at a great price because of the universal fit system, great range of speed, and motor. There are many tasks you can do with the tool, and some of them are removing paints, removing adhesives, and linoleum floorings. Apart from removing all kinds of stuff, you can also cut through woods, nails, pipes, and even soft metals!

Things we like​

  • It has an ergonomic design, soft-grip, and a compact size.
  • It has great value for its price.
  • It includes a 1hour fast charger.
  • You can change accessories without any tools with the quickchange accessory system.
  • It has LED lights to work in dark places.
  • It has a battery percentage meter.
  • It is a versatile tool, and you get 23 different accessories with the purchase.

Things we do not like

The quick-change system needs aggressive force from your part to pull the pin from 90 to 180 degrees.


The Tacklife 12V is undoubtedly not the most powerful tool out there, nor is it the most well-known. However, its price has attracted a fair share of DIY fans in the country because of its price. If you want a tool that is out of the box and affordable, you are looking at a reasonably useful tool to have in hand. The universal fit system, the six-variable speed control, and the cordless system sweeten the deal for many a customer.

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