Precise and to the point, TOOLSCLUBS brings you all the goodness of the outdoors in the palm of your hands. To be short, this is an Amazon Affiliate site that exists so that it can help you choose the best product that is available in the market for you, and that is within the scope of your budget. 

However, this is not what TOOLSCLUBS is all about. Apart from having most outdoor and garden tools out there, we also have excellent guides that will not only help you choose the perfect product for you but give you an in-depth analysis of these products. In fact, we sincerely hope that after you go through all these guides and information, you will undoubtedly be knowledgeable enough to buy your product with ease and without confusion.

The website does not contain only contain the products with the best reviews. Each of the products and guides here come online after days and months of research, and only when we are confident that the product is the best in its class, do we upload it for you. Therefore, you can even say that our motto at heart is to "Help you select the product perfect only for you and not make you regret your purchase later on!”

It is definitely not easy to find a specific product since there are hundreds, if not thousands of products in the market. The competition in the tools market is fierce, and each year, new products and companies take the market by storm and even to the point where they can contend against juggernauts like DeWalt and Milwaukee. It is for this sole reason that TOOLSCLUBS exists just for you; and, we are here to help relieve your stress by paving a way to the correct product. In short, we do all the analysis, compare, and organize the data so that you do they have to.

The website contains many products, and each of these reviews all their features, their positives, and negative, and the reason why it might be the right one for you. We also rank them according to their characteristics and tell you precisely what puts them in such a position. Last but not least, we also give you the price comparisons so that you do not have to worry about not having a suitable budget. Fear not, no matter what budget you have, we will show you the best product within that price range.

Of course, doing all this was not easy. There is a massive difference between a review site that only has information from another website that puts information after actually testing the product. So, this is where we rule supreme since almost all our reviews are legit, and the reviewers who review these products are professionals in each of their fields. Their knowledge from being on the field for years set them apart from regular critics and reviewers that flood the internet. That is also why our buying guides are a field apart from what you normally find on the internet; they are the fruit of what these professionals have learned from years of work on the field.

Keep note that reviewing products and dishing buying guides are not the only thing we do. We also go through the common questions that potentials buyers have and analyze them; only after we find the best answer do we give you a possible solution to the problem.

Even though we try out best, in the end, one single website and organization can't get their hands on every single product on the market. So, in the case where a "hand-held" review is not possible, we research through numerous reputed online sources, journals, and databases to find the best and most relevant information for you.

TOOLSCLUBS contains not only one niche, but several so that you can get all your information in one place. Each of our experts is some of the best in the country, and therefore, each of the niches we work on can only have the best of reviews. We hope that each of our reviews and recommendations gives you the maximum satisfaction after you read it, and most certainly after you complete a purchase from the information that we provide. TOOLSCLUBS exists to provide you with the best solution to your problem!

Why do we do it?

With all the jobs, home tasks, and responsibility, an average person has neither the time nor energy to investigate the hundreds of free tools that flood the market. To solve this exact dilemma, TOOLSCLUBS brings you everything in one place. By bringing all the information you need in one single place, you will be able to choose the perfect tool for your needs. Therefore, we happily spend our time doing all the research for you. We started our journey on the 19th of May 2019, and we already have so many products, and we also plan to extend further to help you more. 

How do we work?

While very few of us is the creator of this website, we have numerous professionals across the country who do all the researches and reviews for us. These professionals are experts in each of their fields who have worked with free tools for more than 20 years! Each of our experts evaluates hundreds of products and select and shortlist the best and most promising products that exist on the market.

Out experts spend hours working with these tools so that we can sort out the best products in the market. No one wants to settle of just "good"; therefore, each of the products that make up our list is the best of the best. We also respond to several problems and complaints that people have, and we try to give the best possible solution there is out there.

We also do not accept sponsorships or free products since that directly relates to biased reviews. You can certainly rest assured that all our reviews are impartial and completely unbiased; therefore, you should not have any problems after buying a product from reading our review. Moreover, we also make sure that there are alternatives to each of the products out there since one product is never a final and absolute.

In the case of our screening process, we at TOOLSCLUBS also recruit each of our experts after interviews. Moreover, we also make sure that our experts have extensive knowledge of the products and niches that we work on. Also, each of our experts abides by all writing and ethical guidelines of both language and country.

After our experts submit the articles, our editor goes through them multiple times to make sure that there is no errors and violation of rules. Last, of all, after our editor’s final approval, we upload the articles to the website.

How do we know what's best?

Our team of experts is leaders of their field who are in the business for more than 20 years. Therefore, after working with products for months and years, they find out products that are the best in the market. It is only after years of expertise do our experts know what is best and what should be the best product for you, considering your needs and budget.

Why is TOOLSCLUBS Different?

Dedication and organization are what sets us apart. We put hours behind research and these tools to find the best product so that we can eliminate guesswork when choosing the right product for you. All the information not only excludes the conventional and bad products from your bucket of choices, but it saves you hours of research on your own.

Furthermore, we are more than happy to communicate with you and help you with anything that you might face trouble with. We always try to find the best and hope that the products we select will give you the maximum possible satisfaction.

TOOLSCLUBS Contributors

Todd Fratzel - Editor & Founder

Todd Fratzel is well-known in the tools industry as an excellent editor. You will also know him as the editor of TOOLSCLUBS. Moreover, he is also the president of Front Steps Media, LLC, which is a web-based media company with hands on the Home Improvement and Construction Industry. Mr. Fratzel is also the Principal Engineer of United Construction Corp. During his days at United, he handles all the Design-Build projects that are under the Residential and Commercial Building Division.

Rob Robillard - Editor & Founder

Rob Robillard is another heavyweight who we proudly work with day-to-day. He works on remodeling, carpentry, and renovation for decades now. He is also the head of a successful carpentry and renovation business in Concord, Massachusetts. Mr. Robillard is also a part-time editor at TOOLSCLUBS; however, he is the founding editor of “A Concord Carpenter.”

While he is quite the busy man, Mr. Robillard enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with the general public to rouse their excitement over carpentry and renovation. He is well-known for educating rising professionals and DIYers across the country, and his motto – “Well done is better than well said!”

Jeff Williams - Contributing Editor

Jeff Williams is another our editor who is also a well-known carpenter for a general commercial contractor who specializes in concrete, steel, and wood buildings. Tools and the outdoors are in Jeff’s blood since he comes from a long line of contractors. The general contracting from that his parents run for years now offered him a life-long and hands-on learning opportunity on woodwork as well as on structural steel and concrete. More than that, Jeff has a Construction Management degree from a well-reputed college. He loves the art of coordinating, and he can efficiently and successfully manage large jobs from start to finish. All of us should go by his saying – “Work hard until the job is done!”

Stan Durlacher - Contributing Editor

Now, Stan, her is a giant in the commercial real estate and construction market since he is in the business since 1978! He currently works for a significant construction company in Boston that specializes in High Rise Apartments and office buildings. You might even know of his works since his current project is the Air Right Developments over the Mass Turnpike.

Stan is a miracle since he excels at innovative problem-solving. As the assistant secretary of Transportation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Stan’s role in introducing the hydro mill slurry wall machinery to Boston in the 1990s is unprecedented. His contribution much helped the Central Artery Third Harbor Tunnel Project.

Stan is also an avid woodworking fan since he owns an 1886 farmhouse near his home in Concord. It is since the college days that Stan dabbled in the arts of carpentry, and he is never idle for long.

In 2013, Stan managed to design and build his very own CNC router, and since then, it became the centerpiece of all his woodcrafts. His work on the router is an innovative idea that now solves many problems, and it also shows the world how CNC will begin to impact woodcraft and home renovation businesses.

Philip Benevides - Contributing Editor

Philip is comparatively new to the business since he is a 28-year old Air Force Veteran who has now turned to construction and home improvement. His inspirations come from his grandfather, who once built his home from scratch with just his bare hands in Portugal. Philip received his skills in carpentry from the North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA. His years of service as a Captain in the Air National Guard makes him an excellent leader, and that clearly shows in the field as he is a lead carpenter and job manager.

Scott Arnold - Contributing Editor

Scott’s main job is being a 911 Dispatcher for the Boston area, and he works at the Metro West 911 Center. However, that is not all since he is also a young carpenter. When Scott is not working as a 911 Dispatcher, you will see him handling contracting jobs with grace and ease. Scott really enjoys his time as a contractor, almost as much as he does when spending time with his family of wife and two kids! Here at TOOLSCLUBS, Scott can help you share his views on carpentry tools. 

John Furlong - Contributing Editor

The last expert in our team is John Furlong, who is a Project Manager for a carpentry and drywall contractor on Long Island. He has a degree in Construction Management, and that greatly helps him when challenging the daunting tasks that makeup New York's construction sites! His expertise in carpentry dates back to his high school days. Now, as a carpenter, he works for both the residential and commercial sectors as a master carpenter. If he is not at work and weekends, you will find him neck-deep in his DIY projects, and he is almost always on the hunt for new and efficient tools.