Max SN883RH3 Super Framer 21 Degree Framing Nailer

The MAX SN883RH3 Super Framer 21 Degree nailer is a professional grade round head pneumatic framing nailer. The MAX SN883RH3 is a multipurpose nailer; it can also be used for framing, sheathing, decking, subflooring, and furring. The stick farmer of this equipment comes with a rafter hook that comes in handy through hanging when the machinery is not handled. A swivel plug is also found with this stick farmer, which aids the air hose not being entangled at any given angle or position.

This tool has three different models – SN883RH3, SN890CH3/34, SN883CH2/28, and we will talk about the SN883RH3 model.

Dimension and Weight 

The dimension of this product is 11 7/8″(H) x 4 3/4″(W) x 20.75(L). The product is lightweight, and it weighs 7lbs.

Maximum and minimum operation pressure

It has a maximum operating pressure of 120 PSI and minimum operating pressure of 70 PSI.

Jamming System

The product comes with no jamming system, and it has a nose magnet that holds the last nail of the strip, which avoids jamming.


Vibration characteristic value – 4.2m/s2.

Air Inlet Size

It has a decent air inlet size of 3/8”.

Collation Type

Plastic or paper.

Air Consumption

0.077 ft at 90 p.s.i. (2.1 at 6 bar) operating pressure.


The product comes with two triggers: factory installed sequential trigger and a contact fire trigger (Selective Action Trigger – Sequential or Rapid). No other additional tool is required to switch the triggers. Changing the consecutive trip to the contact trip is also an easy task; all one has to do is push the Step Pin, remove the Orangery Trigger and the rubber Washer, and attach the black trigger to the tool. Then pass the Step pin through the hole and use the rubber washer to secure it in place.

Trigger-Lock Mechanism 

It is equipped with a trigger lock mechanism. The trigger lock can be operated just by pushing and rotating the trigger from LOCK to UNLOCK.

Nail Gun Angle

It has a nail gun angle of 21 degrees.


Only strip nails can be used in this product. Full-head stick nails are preferable with a minimum fastener size of 2” and a maximum fastener size of 3-1/4”. The minimum nail diameter used in this product is 0.113” and a maximum of 0.148”.

Air Supply

It is operated on only clean, regulated compressed air.

3 – Piece Air set

It uses a 3-piece first – Air Filter, Regulator, oiler. The filter helps to get the best performance with minimal wear from the tool because one of the significant causes of wear is the dirt and water in the air supply. The tool needs to be oiled, but the lubrication is not expensive. Altogether the 3-piece first make sure the tool performs at its best.


It has a beautiful metal magazine with a capacity of 64 nails. It has a nail stopper that prevents the nails from falling out and a pusher lever that helps to push the nail as the tool operates.

Unique Tangle-Free Swivel Joint

No more fighting with heavy hoses no matter what angle the nailer is held

Maintenance Free End Cap Filter (US Patent 5637125)

The product has an exciting feature that prevents foreign substances from entering the tool, which keeps the internal parts safe and clean. Therefore the tool lasts longer. It also comes with a self-cleaning feature that ejects unwanted foreign substances automatically from inside the tool when the air hose is disconnected.


It comes with a warranty of five years.

Pros of the MAX SN883RH3 21 Degree Framing Full Round Head Stick Nailer

  • It is very lightweight, so it’s easy to use.
  • It is a multipurpose tool.
  • It has a little maintenance cost, and the self-cleaning mechanism helps the product to last longer.
  • The trigger switching process is natural, so the tool is efficient in providing both sequential and rapid triggers according to the user’s choice.
  • The length and width of the tool make it somewhat comfortable in hand.
  • Less vibration and less recoiling force make it safer and comfortable to use.
  • The tool does not need to be assembled; it comes with a straightforward user manual.

Cons of MAX SN883RH3

  • The user manual must be read thoroughly because it must be used under the right pressure, or else it can be dangerous.
  • It is unsuitable for household purposes; only an experienced user must use it.

Solutions to the problems

The tool works best when the given conditions are maintained from the user manual, so the user must go through it thoroughly.


1) Where are the MAX SN883RH3 21 Degree Framing Full Round Head Stick Nailer manufactured?

Ans: All the tools of MAX are manufactured in Japan.

2) Does it work with any other means of the power supply?

Ans: The tool can only be operated with clean compressed air with the right pressure.

3) Are the parts individually available?

Ans: All the parts of the MAX SN883RH3 21 Degree Framing Full Round Head Stick Nailer are available to a missing piece can easily be replaced.

In conclusion, the MAX SN883RH3 21 Degree Framing Full Round Head Stick Nailer is an excellent choice if you search for a multipurpose tool that is easy to handle. It is a perfect choice for workers since it is comfortable and easy for mass use. In this review, we have tried to show you almost all the features that the tool has to offer; along with the features, we also decided to put up the necessary condition and precautions needed to use the tool. I hope this review will help you to make the right decision if you are thinking of buying the MAX SN883RH3 21 Degree Framing Full Round Head Stick Nailer.

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