Porter-Cable PCC710B 20-Volt MAX Lithium Bare Oscillating Tool

Whereas the PCE606K is a corded multi-tool, this here is a cordless one from Porter-Cable. Technology makes our life much easier than ever, and the Porter-Cable PCC710B is one of the reasons why. There are several reasons for the claim, and the most important one is because it is a very handy smart tool. There are several other reasons which make this a great multi-tool to have, and they are in details below.

Apart from it being a smart multi-tool, it is also a very versatile one, and therefore, can do a lot of different stuff for you. Also, there is an LED Shed light with the tool that helps you work in dark places, and you will find just how useful this is in a bit. For now, let’s jump straight into the review.


While it’s true that a corded multi-tool packs more power than a cordless one, the PCC710B does not fall far behind. Even though the multi-tool is weaker than its cousin, the PCE606K, it still packs enough power to overshadow most cordless multi-tools in the market.

The 20-Volt lithium-Ion battery gives you an approximate 30 minutes’ battery life, which is more than most multi-tools out there. The operation and performance is everything for a multi-tool, and the user can fully utilize it with longer life.

Of course, you cannot talk about performance without mentioning the RPMs, and even though this is a cordless multi-tool, it is a versatile one, and it has a long-range of speed, capable of doing multiple different jobs. The 10,000 – 22,000 RPMs, is controlled by a variable speed dial that is on a convenient place and is not hard to rotate, and that means you have an easier time changing the speed to your liking.

Build Quality and Design

The best thing about the PCC710B is its oscillating tool blades, as they are of the best quality, and are long-lasting. Moreover, they are also universal, meaning you can find them anywhere should the situation where you need to replace them ever arrives.

The unique thing about the multi-tool is that it has a built-in LED light system that would allow you to work in dark rooms in case of a power shortage. The LED is convenient not only in the USA but also everywhere else. There are countries out there where rolling blackout is abundant. However, that is not the only case where you need an LED light as there are quite several situations in any workplaces where lack of light is sometimes an issue, and this is where this multi-tool comes in place.

The PCC710B also comes with a storage box where there are an additional eleven accessories included, and this allows you to start your work from the get-go instead of you having to make multiple trips to a shop for different tool-bits.

Since this is a cordless multi-tool, it comes as no surprise that this is a light tool that lets you work for long periods without fatigue setting in.

Comfort and Ease of Use

There are no power tools from Porter-Cable that is not friendly to use; in fact, these are incredibly comfortable and easy to use, and you might not even need a manual even if you have never used a multi-tool before.

The first thing notable about this multi-tool is that it has a variable speed dial that is very close to where you hold the tool, and therefore, it is easy to control. Moreover, the handle itself has a rubber mold that enhances your grip during works, and that prevents work accidents or mistakes. The lightweight of the multi-tool, together with the rubber grip makes this an extremely comfortable tool to have in hand.

Furthermore, the vibration reduction technology makes your life so much easier by further decreasing any chances of fatigue. While the technology is not as great as that of the best multi-tools out there, it is still good enough when compared to average multi-tools.

Things we like

  • In total, you get an extra 20 accessories to offer by the Porter-Cable multi-tool. This gives the tool a lot of versatility, and you can perform a number of tasks such as cutting, crushing, and sanding.
  • The LED light extension makes this one of the best multi-tool to work in dark places.
  • This is a cordless multi-tool with a large 20V battery, and that makes it portable, and usable for a long time before charges.
  • The two-finger tool-free system makes it very easy to cut shapes in a simple and easy way.
  • It has a three-place option and rubber over-mold for greater ease of use.
  • It has a solid build and therefore, it is very durable.

Things we do not like 

  1. The multi-tool does not come with any battery package with the accessories kit; therefore, you need an extra battery for backup.
  2. While it has a vibration reduction technology, it is still not up to par with the best out there.


The Porter-Cable PCC710B is, without a doubt, a smart multi-tool for your home. It is friendly enough that you can use it even if you are new to the world of power tools and complex enough that you can use it professionally. The longer battery life, great durability, and rubber grip make it a must-have multi-tool out of many out in the market. However, for professionals, even though this is a great multi-tool to have, most people advise that this is more of a secondary multi-tool to a primary one. This, however, is not a concern since the price of the multi-tool is extremely low compared to other multi-tools, and since this is from Porter-Cable, this purchase really is a no-brainer.

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