Best Chainsaw Sharpener – Review and Buying Guide

Chainsaws are expensive tools for garden works, and it needs taking care of since you do not want it to malfunction. However, sharpening the individual cutters by hand is an arduous task since there are many of them. However, if you have the best chainsaw sharpener at your disposal, then sharpening your chainsaw is relatively easy and takes no time at all. Sharpeners are excellent since they can bring back dull chains in shape in the shortest possible time.

14 Best Chainsaw Sharpener Reviews

However, buying a chainsaw sharpener is not easy since there are different types of chainsaw sharpeners in the market, each with distinct characteristics and price ranges. Therefore, we bring you the top-rated chainsaw sharpeners in the market in one list.

1. Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Chain Grinder

When it comes to chainsaw sharpeners, the Oregon 520-120 is as best as they come. Not only is this a heavy-duty chain grinder, but it is also a compact one! Oregon’s 520-120 combines precise results with premier quality that almost no other sharpeners offer; moreover, this is the quality you expect from Oregon due to its excellence for years now. The Oregon 520-120 also comes with many options and four different bench grinders to offer you the most versatile workflow in the market. Moreover, it can sharpen any chain from an array of different chainsaw manufacturers.

Oregon Professional 120-Volt Bench Grinder Universal Saw Chain Sharpener,...
  • Bench or wall mounted Professional grinder: Perfect for professional users. Ideal for frequent, high volume...
  • Save time and money: Sharpen your own chainsaw chains. Grinder easily mounts to a bench or wall with two...
  • Universal sharpener: Sharpens up to .404” pitch chain. Sharpen almost saw any chain from manufacturers such...

Features –

  • The Oregon 520-120 is a universal chainsaw sharpener that can sharpen up a .404″ pitch chain. Moreover, it can sharpen any chain from various manufacturers such as Oregon, Stihl, Husqvarna, and many more.
  • It has excellent build quality with durable materials; therefore, it has the quality and features you need for frequent and high-volume use. The quality of the tool makes it excellent for professionals who deal with logs and arbors.
  • The base package comes with the grinder, two grinding wheels, which are ¼” and 3/8″ low-profile; it also comes with 0.325″, 3/8″, and .404″ pitch chain, and one wheel for depth gauge maintenance. Last of all, you also get a dressing brick, a quick template, and the user manual.
  • The base model comes with a bench-mounted grinder, and there are also four other options you can choose from.
  • There is a built-in light that gives you better visibility in dark conditions.
  • The grinder features safe-sharpening as it has a one-way motor rotation for better operational safety.
  • Last, of all, you get self-centering chain vice and customizable handle positioning.

Features We Like –

  • It is a versatile grinder.
  • There are different benches and grinder wheels you can purchase as an extra.
  • It works with different chainsaw companies.
  • There is an in-built light for better working conditions in darkness.
  • It is durable and has excellent build quality.
  • You get two grinding wheels with the base purchase!
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is safe to use due to the one-way motor.

Feature We Do Not Like –

  • It is expensive.
  • You need to adjust the chain stop pawl when you switch from the left cutter to the right.


The Stihl 2-in-1 chainsaw sharpener is one of the most affordable products on this list. It is so compact and small that you can trim it in your pocket. However, quality-wise the chainsaw sharpener is excellent for the average user. The sharpener steel can work with a tooth that is 0.325″ in length. However, since there are no alternatives to the sharpeners, this is not as versatile as most other tools on the list. You will only get the chainsaw sharpener in the package, and no other products are in it. However, for a sharpener this small, it is surprisingly durable.

Stihl 2 IN 1 EASY FILE CHAINSAW CHAIN SHARPENER .325" + Bonus Replacement...
  • Stihl 2-in-1 4.8mm Easy File 56057504304 + bonus
  • Practical Tool For Quick And Easy Sharpening Of Teeth And Depth Gauge In A Single Action
  • Ideal For Occasional Users

Features –

  • The package measures 2.9 cm(L) x 8.2 cm(W) x 39.9 cm(H), making it one of the most compact and short chainsaw sharpeners on the list and in the market.
  • Even though the sharpener is compact and the outer build has hard plastic as the build material, it is still incredibly sturdy. The inner sharpener has a durable metal build that can sharpen your chainsaw tooth incredibly fast.
  • You can only use this on chainsaws that measure at .325″.
  • The chainsaw sharpener has a sweet design and has an orange tint on the plastic exterior.
  • The product measures 8.43″ x 1.96″ x 0.91″, making it one of the most portable and light sharpeners on the list.
  • The .325″ chain requires a 3/16 file which the tool has.

Features We Like –

  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • The sharpener is portable.
  • It is an affordable chainsaw sharpener.
  • It is easy to use and does not need any assembling to use.
  • It has a durable build.

Features We Do Not Like –

  • The sharpener build is for a specific file size only – 0.325”.

3. Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener (Pack of 2)

While the Buffalo Tools ECSS electric chainsaw sharpener is on the pricier side of the list, in recent days, you have seen a sharp price drop for the product. Moreover, since this is a pack of two, it adds more to the value. Unlike most other non-electric sharpeners on the market, this one can work with a broad range of chainsaw teeth, making it very versatile. Furthermore, the speed of the grinding wheels makes it very easy and quick to sharpen your chainsaw. Therefore, if you have the budget for the ECSS electric chainsaw sharpener, then this is the one for you.

Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener
  • Keep your chain in top condition and save money by sharpening your own saw
  • Mounts to bench, wall or vise for easy access and stability
  • Adjusts to most popular chain designs

Features –

  • The Buffalo ECSS chainsaw sharpener is very easy to use, and you can mount it almost anywhere you can imagine, such as a wall, bench, or vise. Therefore, the tool is straightforward to access and provides excellent stability.
  • You can adjust the sharpener to work with almost all the popular chain designs in the market. The adjustable feature makes the tool one of the most versatile sharpeners in the market.
  • It is effortless to assemble the sharpener, and the user manual provides enough information to make your life easy. Moreover, Buffalo has numerous videos on the internet for extra help.
  • The sharpener has a durable metal and complicated plastic build that gives it a long life.
  • The grinding wheel rotates at a maximum speed of 4200 RPMs, 60hz, with 85-watts of power. Moreover, the speed of the wheels makes your job very fast.
  • The grinding wheel measures at 4-1/4” x 1/8”.

Features We Like –

  • You can get discounts on the Buffalo sharpener year-long.
  • You can mount it almost anywhere, significantly increasing its accessibility and stability.
  • It can adjust to any chainsaw design.
  • The sharpener is easy to use and works fast.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The sharpener is durable.
  • It comes in a pack of two!

Features We Do Not Like –

  • The base price is high for a sharpener of this quality.

4. Pferd 17301 Pferd Cs-X Chain Sharp Filing Guide – 3/16″ (Original)

At first glance, the Pferd 17301 does not seem much compared to the earlier grinders on the list. However, that is only on the surface, as the Pferd 17301 is the cream of the crop for entry-level chainsaw sharpeners. Even though it is pretty affordable when compared to most other sharpeners on the market; however, quality-wise, it is one of the best. Unlike most other entry-level sharpeners, you get four other options to choose from when it comes to this one; therefore, you can work with a wide array of chainsaws. Aside from the base features, there are many others that you should know about in the list below.

Pferd 17301 Sharp CS-X Chain Saw Sharpener
  • PFERD sharpeners for manual sharpening of saw chains allows for flexible use and simple handling
  • The sharpener simultaneously sharpens the saw teeth and adjusts the depth gauge of the saw chain
  • Even unskilled users can obtain precise and uniform sharpening results with this compact sharpener

Features –

  • This is a manual PFERD sharpener that requires hand-handling your chainsaw tooth. However, that allows you more flexible and straightforward handling that you do not get from electric sharpeners.
  • You can simultaneously sharpen your chainsaw tooth and adjust the depth gauge of the tool when you sharpen your chainsaw.
  • Using the tool is relatively easy, and you can sharpen both sides of the chainsaw tooth by simply turning the device over. Therefore, you do not need to convert it in any way.
  • The package includes one sharpener, one depth gauge file, two classic line chainsaw files from PFERD, and a few other files of your choice.
  • This device provides a sharpening angle of 30 degrees.
  • The sharpener has a durable build with an ergonomic design that is excellent for precise guidance and optimal sharpening results.
  • There is a portable filing clamp that is solid steel, and it lets you fix the guide rail.

Features We Like –

  • It is elementary to use the tool.
  • It is one of the most affordable sharpeners on the list.
  • The design makes it very easy to replace the files.
  • You can sharpen the chainsaw at the same time you adjust the depth gauge.
  • You get optimal results with the tool.
  • Even if you are unskilled in using a sharpener, you will still get precise and uniform results.
  • There are four other options to choose from, and that also makes it a very versatile tool.
  • It dramatically reduces sharpening time.

Features We Do Not Like –

            *No apparent negative features.

5. Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener, Model# G-106B (Original Version)

The Granberg bar-mount chainsaw sharpener G-106B is on the older side of the list. However, its performance over the years, as well as its price, has aged well. In the current market, people recognize the G-106B as one of the most cost-effective chainsaw sharpeners. It provides consistent sharpening, and that increases the effectiveness and longevity by a great deal. In terms of mobility, although this falls on the lighter side of the sharpener family, it still is not compact enough to be one of the most portable ones in the market. However, in overall quality, this is one of the most value-efficient ones you will find.

Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener, Model# G-106B (Original Version)
  • Proudly made in California, USA
  • Quickly and easily sharpen any chain
  • Mounts to any saw with any file size

Features –

  • The Granberg G-106B attaches itself to the guide bar and allows you to sharpen the teeth without removing the chain itself. Moreover, this makes it very easy to use the sharpener and significantly reduces work time.
  • The G-106B is very durable and has an all-metal finish. Moreover, you can use this sharpener even in the harshest conditions!
  • The sharpener is a manual one, and the old design makes it a little challenging to use. Since there is no instruction manual inside the box, mastering the device is quite hard.
  • The sharpener is lightweight and small, weighing only 2lbs in total. Moreover, you can easily carry the tool inside your vehicle and carry it anywhere.
  • The all-aluminum build reduces the chances of rust to almost zero.
  • The sharpener comes with a very sturdy box that keeps the sharpener safe from any harm.
  • The adjustment system is old school and needs frequent readjustment that makes it, unlike newer models.

Features We Like –

  • You do not need a power source to run the sharpener.
  • It is incredibly portable since it is lightweight and small in size.
  • This is very durable and has an all-aluminum finish.
  • It consistently gives you a smooth and sharp finish.
  • The sharpener gives you fast results.
  • It is an affordable chainsaw sharpener.

Features We Do Not Like –

  • It is not easy to use for beginners.
  • You need to adjust the tool consistently.

6. XtremepowerUS Electric Grinder Chain Saw Bench Top Sharpener Vise Mount 85W Mini Electric Chainsaw Grinder w/Brake

XtremepowerUS is an excellent company when it comes to making power tools and heavy-duty products. Even though it is not as epic as DeWalt or Makita, it is still top-tier, especially for chainsaw sharpeners and grinders. Such is the case for the XtremepowerUS Electric Grinder that has all the features of a premium sharpener but comes at an affordable price. The best thing about this grinder is that this is the first on the list to work with every chainsaw in the market! Therefore, this is as versatile as they come.

XtremepowerUS Electric Grinder Chain Saw Bench Top Sharpener Vise Mount 85W...
  • Suitable for All-Kinds of Chain Saws - Compared with traditional manual chain saws, this electric chain...
  • Adjustable Grinding Angle and Depth - The grinding angle of this chain grinder can be adjusted by 35 degrees...
  • Easy and Simple to Operate - After securing fixing the sharpener, use the chain cutter to firmly secure the...

Features –

  • The XtremepowerUS electric grinder is the first sharpener on the list to accommodate every chainsaw in the market. Not only do you get a grinding wheel with the sharpeners, but you also get a polisher that can polish a full range of chains!
  • The grinder has an adjustable grinding angle and depth; you can adjust the grinding angle by 35 degrees, and the same goes for the depth adjustment system that you can adjust using the depth adjustment knob. The adjustment system is exact and makes sure that you do not wear the chain.
  • Unlike most other sharpeners and grinders on the market, this one is pretty easy to operate and comes with an excellent manual. After you fix the sharpener in position, you can use the chain cutter to secure the chain in place; lastly, you need to press the handle to start grinding.
  • The sharpener houses an industrial frame that provides you with consistent depth and sharpness.
  • The package comes with the electric chainsaw grinder, instruction manual, and a grinding wheel.

Features We Like –

  • It is premium yet affordable.
  • The sharpener has an excellent depth and angle adjustment system.
  • You can work with any chainsaws in the market with this grinder.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The grinder is durable and long-lasting.
  • It gives you consistent results and incredible sharpness.
  • The depth adjustment system does not wear out the chain.

Features We Do Not Like –

  • The up-down adjustment screw is flaky.
  • Long uses loosen the hinges.

7. Oregon 30846 12-Volt Sure Sharp Chain Saw Sharpener

The Oregon 30846 chainsaw sharpener is unique. There are almost no sharpeners in the market that has a unique design such as this. One of the best things about this sharpener is that it is electric but is compact and comes at an affordable price. Moreover, since this is not a manual sharpener, sharpening is effortless, and you can do a quick job of it. There are almost no other sharpeners in the market that is this easy to use. Furthermore, it requires little power to operate yet gives you consistent and quick results that are on par with some of the best sharpeners in the market. Although grinders are undoubtedly faster, the price of this one more than makes up for it.

Oregon 30846 12-Volt Sure Sharp Chain Saw Sharpener
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to keep chain cutting like new
  • Works from 12 volt battery for in-the-field sharpening

Features –

  • The Oregon 30846 is one of the easiest sharpeners to use. You only need a 12-volt power source to run the sharpener and put the sharpening end on each of the teeth to sharpen them.
  • You need to sharpen each tooth with the exact time frame to keep the same consistency and sharpness.
  • You either need a 12-volt battery or a power source to run the device.
  • The package comes with two sharpening stones, the sharpener and the wire you need to connect to the power source.
  • There is a quick-adjust sharpening guide that allows you to get consistent results.
  • The sharpener has a plastic build and is not that durable. However, the sharpener is lightweight and compact enough to make it one of the most portable products.
  • There is a built-in depth gauge with the high-impact motor housing.
  • The sharpener comes with three sharpening stones – 3/16”, 5/32”, and 7-32”.
  • The sharpener comes with a two-year warranty period!

Features We Like –

  • It is an affordable electric sharpener!
  • It comes with three sharpening stones of different sizes.
  • It is a versatile sharpener.
  • The sharpener is lightweight and compact, making it very portable.
  • It has a reasonable warranty period.
  • The sharpener has an excellent adjustment system for angle and depth.
  • It gives you consistent results.

Features We Do Not Like –

  • It is not durable.
  • The instruction manual is not good.

8. Husqvarna Sharpforce Chain Sharpener 7/32″

The Husqvarna Sharpforce chainsaw sharpener is one of the cheapest sharpeners in the market. However, it has excellent construction quality and durability. Moreover, the tool is as simple as they come, and you need no manual to use it. The tool itself is its instruction manual since the design is effortless, and you will know what to do at a glance. It looks like a butcher knife, however, with the sharpener gap in the middle. Due to its long sharpener blade, you can sharpen multiple teeth simultaneously, which is one of the best things about the tool since almost no other manual sharpener has this ability.

Husqvarna Sharpforce Chain Sharpener 7/32"
  • Includes full manufacturer warranty

Features –

  • Even though the Husqvarna Sharpforce Chain sharpener is a manual sharpener, it still does short work of sharpening your chainsaw. You can work multiple teeth at a time with its long, sharpener jaw.
  • The long sharpener jaw gives you a sharp and consistent finish throughout without any adjustment knob or depth gauge. You will need to monitor the time you take for each sharpening turn.
  • The sharpener comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty that is unseen anywhere else.
  • The sharpener measures 16 x 10 x 1 inches and is incredibly lightweight and compact, making it portable.
  • It has a durable and solid metal build with a hard-plastic handle. However, since the metal sharpener jaw goes into the handle, it is all the more durable.
  • It can work with a wide range of chainsaws because of its simplistic build.
  • You need to switch both the top and bottom of the handle and move the file before switching from left to right or the opposite.

Features We Like –

  • It is one of the most affordable sharpeners in the market.
  • It is versatile and has excellent quality.
  • The sharpener gives you consistent results.
  • It can work with multiple teeth at a time.
  • It is lightweight yet very durable.
  • It is easy to use and hold.

Features We Do Not Like –

  • Switching files is a little inconvenient.
  • The sharpener comes with no instructions.

9. CO-Z Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Kit Chain Saw Blade Grinder – with 2 Grinding Wheels, 1/8-Inch-by-3/16-Inch

There are quite a few reasons why the CO-Z electric chainsaw sharpener does not come near the top of the list. While this powerful grinder produces near consistent results, its competitors are better both in terms of value and quality. However, that is not to say that the CO-Z is wrong; when you compare it to average grinders, it comes on top of nearly every aspect, such as consistency, construction quality, and power. Moreover, it is surprisingly affordable for a grinder of its caliber.

Chainsaw Sharpener, Professional Electric Multi-Angles Automatic Saw Chain...
  • TONS OF ADJUSTMENTS, chain grinding angle of this chainsaw sharpener is adjustable between 0° to 30° while...
  • EASY TO OPERATE, after securing fixing the chainsaw sharpener, use the chain cutter to firmly secure the chain...
  • ACCURACY & PROTECTION, the built-in work light improves accuracy; extra-thick chain cutter along with aluminum...

Features –

  • What the CO-Z lacks in consistency and quality makes up in the level of adjustability in the motor and angle of sharpening. You can change the grinding angle from 0 to 30 degrees while adjusting the motor from 0 to 70 degrees. Therefore, this enables you to work with almost any chainsaw in the market.
  • The CO-Z grinder is very easy to operate and has clear instructions in the manual. After you secure the grinder in place, you need to use the chain cutter to secure the chain to the ground; after that, you can use the handle to start grinding.
  • There is a built-in light that helps you work in dark conditions. Moreover, this is accurate and prevents protection since the extra-thick chain cutter, and aluminum casing prevents iron filings from splashing.
  • The grinder comes with two grinding wheels for convenience! Each of the grinding wheels is 5.5″ in diameter and 1/8″ and 3/16″ in thickness.
  • The entire grinder has a solid cast aluminum construction with reinforced hinges that makes the tool sturdy.

Features We Like –

  • It is affordable.
  • The grinder is easy to use.
  • There are tons of adjustable options both for the angle of sharpening and the motor.
  • It comes with two grinding wheels!

Features We Do Not Like –

  • The build quality is rocky and not good.
  • The geometry of the clamp is not suitable and makes it rocky.

10. Mophorn Saw chain grinder 110V Saw Chain Grinder 230W Chainsaw Sharpener 3000RPM

The Mophorn Saw chain grinder is a very powerful sharpener that can quickly sharpen your entire chainsaw. However, it is not as expensive as some of the most premium sharpeners on the list. Even though it is still expensive, the number of features this sharpener houses more than makes up the price. It has an excellent build and good safety features. Moreover, it can work with various chainsaws in the market, making it very versatile. Therefore, if you have a reasonable budget and need a premium yet moderately affordable sharpener, then this is the one for you.

Mophorn Chainsaw Sharpener 230W, Professional Multi-Angle Adjustable Chain...
  • Sturdy Aluminum Material: This kind of chainsaw sharpener is made of high-quality aluminum material, which...
  • Working Light & Protection: There is a working light mounted on the chain sharpener chainsaw for lighting...
  • 3000 Rpm Motor: The motor of the chainsaw chain sharpener is a commercial motor of 3000 RPM. It will make sure...

Features –

  • Mophorn has a sturdy all-aluminum build that makes it scratch-proof and anti-ruse. Moreover, the aluminum build also gives it incredible strength and performance.
  • A mounted working light on the chainsaw sharpener gives you a good amount of lighting in the dark.
  • The sharpener features an anti-slip handle that lets you hold the machine securely and in place for protection.
  • The Mophorn sharpener houses a powerful motor that runs at 3000 RPMs! This speed and the motor’s power ensure that your chains do not burn or soften by mistake.
  • A tilting vise on the chainsaw sharpener makes it perfect for semi-chisel or chisel-style cutters.
  • You get one grinding wheel with a machine that is 5.5″ in diameter. The size and strength of the wheel are perfect for sharpening quickly and efficiently.
  • You can adjust the angle of sharpening between 0 to 30 degrees. Moreover, you can use it with chains that are ¼”, 0.325”, 3/8”, and 0.404”.

Features We Like –

  • It is usable for a wide range of applications.
  • It is moderately affordable than its competitors.
  • It has a good tilting vise and durable grinding wheels.
  • The safety of the machine is trustworthy.
  • The sharpener houses a powerful motor.
  • The anti-slip handle is one of the best in the market.
  • It is easy to sharpen both sides of a chainsaw with the tool.

Features We Do Not Like –

  • The bottom bracket has a nasty ding that does not help the depth gauge.
  • It vibrates a lot.

11. Timber Tuff CS-BWM Benchtop / Wall Mount Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener

The Timber Tuff CS-BWM is similar to the last two sharpeners on the list, with a few exceptions and a different price range. It houses a powerful motor, an excellent user experience, a durable body, and an excellent adjustment system. Moreover, it also has a reasonable warranty period that is rare for sharpeners. The Timber Tuff sharpener’s main reason that comes at the bottom of the list is the brand since this is not as well known as those at the top of the list. However, quality-wise, this is as good as most other premium grinders on the market.

Timber Tuff CS-BWM Benchtop / Wall Mount Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener
  • 110V/60 Hz motor with an input power of 230 watts and a motor speed of 3600 rpm for a very powerful motor that...
  • Sharpens chains from ¼” to ¾” with easy and accurate sharpening; mounts to most work surfaces to provide...
  • Easy-to-read adjustment guides make it easier to consistently sharpen your chains; see-through safety shield...

Features –

  • The grinder houses a 110V/60Hz motor that runs on 230 watts of power. Not only is its power, but it also runs at 3600 RPM, making sure that your chains stay like new! Moreover, the sharpener is ETL and CETL approved.
  • The sharpener can work with chains from ¼” to ¾.” It is also incredibly accurate and easy to work with.
  • You can mount the sharpener to any work surface, and that will provide you with a secure sharpening station.
  • The maximum sharpening speed of the machine is 5800 RPM.
  • You get easy-to-read adjustment guides that give you a consistent finish on your chains. Moreover, the see-through shield makes it easy to see the chain when you sharpen it. Last of all, the working light gives you a clear vision in the dark.
  • The grinder comes with a thermo-overload system for your protection, which is rare for any sharpeners in the market!
  • The grinder comes with three grinding wheels that measure at 1/8″, 3/16″, and ¼.”
  • The sharpener has a one-year warranty period.

Features We Like –

  • It is moderately affordable.
  • It comes with a reasonable warranty period for a sharpener.
  • The sharpener is ETL and CETL approved.
  • You get a powerful motor with an excellent motor and grinding speed.
  • The machine provides excellent protection with a thermo-overload system.
  • You get three extra grinding wheels!
  • It is easy to use and easy to adjust the systems.

Features We Do Not Like –

  • The screws loosen from time to time.

12. Drixet Chainsaw Sharpening & Filing Kit – Includes 5/32″, 3/16″ & 7/32 Inch Round Files, Flat File, Depth Gauge, Filing Guide, Handle, Tool Pouch, Combo 8-Piece Pack with Instructions.

The Drixet chainsaw sharpener is the most affordable product on the list, and it is more of a filing kit than a grinder. However, it is very versatile since it comes with many different accessories such as round files, tool pouch, flat files, instruction manual, and a lot more. Moreover, even though this is quite affordable, it offers you versatility and quality that most 100 USD tools fail to do. However, since this tool is entirely manual, you need to sharpen each tooth by hand, which takes a lot of time. Therefore, if you are on a short budget but need an excellent filing kit, this is the one for you.

Drixet Chainsaw Sharpening & Filing Kit – Includes: 5/32", 3/16" & 7/32...
  • The Drixet Chainsaw Sharpening Kit contains 3 Round Files, Racer File, Depth Gauge, Handle, Filing Field Guide...
  • SPECS: 3 Round Files Sizes: 5/32”-4.0mm with a 3/8” LP Pitch 3/16”-4.8mm with a .325” Pitch...
  • QUALITY: All the tools are constructed from high-quality steel for great strength and longevity and also...

Features –

  • The Drixet filing kit contains numerous accessories: three round files, racer files, one depth gauge, a filing field guide, and one travel case that you can use to carry it around anywhere.
  • There are three round files, each measuring at 5/32” with 3/8” LP Pitch, a .325″ with 7/32″ Pitch, and a 7/32″ with 3/8″ pitch. Moreover, it also has a hardwood handle with a 6″ flat file and durable pouch that measures 10.5 x 7 inches.
  • Each of the accessories and files has a high-quality steel construction with high strength, durability, and long life. Moreover, a file holder shows each angle on the back that helps you when you are filing.
  • You get two clips with a file holder that will support you during filing. Both the file holder and the depth gauge have numbers on their body to give you precise measurements.
  • You can only work one tooth at a time since this is a manual chainsaw sharpener.

Features We Like –

  • It is very affordable.
  • It is versatile and offers excellent value.
  • The depth gauge and file angles are accurately engraved.
  • The sharpener is easy to use.
  • The accessories are durable.
  • It comes with a good travel case.
  • The sharpener has a good hardwood handle that is slip-resistant.
  • It is lightweight and compact.

Features We Do Not Like –

  • Working with the sharpener is very slow since you need to work on each tooth individually.
  • The files feel clumsy.

13. Chicago Electric Electric Chain Saw Sharpener by Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic is an excellent company that does an excellent job making electric tools, and the Chicago electric chainsaw sharpener is an excellent example. Although this is an electric chainsaw, it is pretty affordable and worth the price you pay for it. However, a few drawbacks come with such a low price, and the first thing you notice is its construction materials, mainly plastic. Moreover, it is also very versatile since the chain vise can mold itself to accommodate any chains and pitches in the market. Although this is not as precise as most other sharpeners in the market, it is still worth the price you pay for it.

Features –

  • There is a built-in chain vise that you can adjust to all chain designs and pitches. Not only does this make the tool very versatile, but it also gives you a precise and accurate angle of sharpening.
  • A chain rotation roller can move the links forward and keep the vise in place, saving time working the chains.
  • A handle is conveniently placed to let you adjust the vise without having to remove your hand from the grinder.
  • The motor has a max speed of 5000 RPM, giving you a smooth and consistent finish.
  • The sharpener comes with one 4-1/4” x1/8” grinding wheel with a 7/8” arbor.
  • You can mount the sharpener to any wall, bench, or work surface you can find.
  • The power cord is 6-feet in length, which gives you a lot of room to work with, even if your power source is far away.
  • The sharpener comes with a 90-day warranty period.

Features We Like –

  • It is an affordable machine.
  • It is versatile and can work with different chainsaws.
  • The motor is powerful.
  • The machine is stable, and you can mount it almost anywhere.
  • The handle is convenient to hold.

Features We Do Not Like –

  • The warranty period is too short.
  • The sharpener does not have a good build and has plastic construction materials.

14. Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener with 3/16″ Carbide Cutter (for .325″ pitch chains)

It may come as a surprise to see that the Timberline chainsaw sharpener comes second on the list of the best sharpeners in the market; however, that is with good reason. The sharpener is not only incredibly affordable, but it also gives you professional-grade results. The best thing about the Timberline sharpener is that it sharpens each tooth in seconds. Moreover, each tooth has a consistent shape and edge after you sharpen it! Aside from its features, the sharpener has excellent construction quality and good portability. Therefore, if you need an affordable sharpener yet excellent in quality, this is the one for you.

Timber Tuff CS-BWM Benchtop / Wall Mount Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener
  • 110V/60 Hz motor with an input power of 230 watts and a motor speed of 3600 rpm for a very powerful motor that...
  • Sharpens chains from ¼” to ¾” with easy and accurate sharpening; mounts to most work surfaces to provide...
  • Easy-to-read adjustment guides make it easier to consistently sharpen your chains; see-through safety shield...

Features –

  • The Timberline chainsaw sharpener can sharpen each tooth in seconds! These are much faster than grinders which are much higher in the price range.
  • It sharpens each tooth to precisely the same length and angle. Moreover, the consistency is equivalent to a grinder that is over 300 USD! You need to lock the tool over the chains and see it work.
  • It needs to be durable for a sharpener of this size, and Timberline does not disappoint when it comes to construction quality. The sharpener has durable and high-quality machined aluminum.
  • The tool is compact and lightweight. Since it is minimal in size, you can take it anywhere and sharpen any chainsaw.
  • The sharpener is very easy to use and produces professional-grade results.
  • You do not need to take the chain out; you just need to clamp the tool on the bar and allow the chain to pull through as you sharpen each tooth.
  • The carbide guides are fixed at 30 degrees; however, you can get 25 or 35 degrees separately.

Features We Like –

  • It takes little time to sharpen the tooth.
  • The sharpener is affordable.
  • You can get three carbide angles in total!
  • It offers professional-grade results.
  • The chainsaw takes precision and accuracy to another level!
  • It has a high-grade tungsten carbide cutter!

Features We Do Not Like –

            *No apparent unlikeable features!

Best Chainsaw Sharpener – Buying Guide

Chainsaws are expensive power tools, and keeping them in top shape is extremely important, lest they become unusable, thus costing you a lot of money. The best way to keep a chainsaw in the state is to use grease and, of course, keep it as sharp as possible. Chainsaw sharpeners do an excellent job in maintaining your chainsaw throughout the years. However, it is vital to buy the right one since most of them are expensive and each has its selling points. Moreover, you also need to know the different types of sharpeners since there are manual ones and then there are electric grinders which are very different. Therefore, we bring you a guide where you can find all that you need to know about chainsaw sharpeners!

Electric vs. Manual Chainsaw Sharpeners –

Electric chainsaw sharpeners are also called grinders, and they are vastly different from manual sharpeners in quality, price, and usability. Electric grinders are pretty pricey, even going over 300 USD in some cases. These grinders do short work of sharpening your chain since they can work multiple teeth at a time. Moreover, they also can uniformly sharpen your chainsaw so that each tooth has a consistent sharpness. Furthermore, electric grinders are also durable, and most have a reasonable warranty period. One prime example of such a sharpener is the Oregon 520-120 electric sharpener, which is good in performance and has an excellent build quality.

Manual chainsaw sharpeners are more of a traditional tool than today’s electric ones since you need to sharpen each cutter by hand. Therefore, they take a long time to sharpen an entire chainsaw. However, quality-wise, they are still good enough, and most have an excellent build quality. Another name for a manual chainsaw sharpener is a chainsaw file, and to use one, you need to use the file in one direction of the chain, and you need to move from one tooth to another.

Although most manual chainsaw sharpeners do not come with warranties, they can do otherwise since their prices are too low. You can get most manual chainsaw sharpeners for under 30 USD! Therefore, if you are on a short budget, manual chainsaws are excellent tools in hand.

Angle and Height –

 You need to make sure that you keep the file at a 90° angle to the guide rail. However, you can say that the correct sharpening angle depends on the chainsaw you use and the wood you want to work on. A normal sharpening angle rests between 25° to 35°; however, you need to note that the more intricate your work wood is, the steeper the angle needs to be. Therefore, it is essential to keep a filing gauge at hand.

The depth of cut is significant since you want your chainsaw to cut effectively. Therefore, you need to ensure that each of your teeth has the same height. Therefore, a depth gauge on a grinder is an excellent feature or accessory that you want to have. Since almost all chainsaw sharpeners come with a depth gauge, it is of no concern.

Portability –

If you are a professional, then having a portable sharpener is an excellent tool to have. However, there are no grinders on the market that you can consider to be portable. Not only are they large, but they are also bulky and quite heavy to carry around; therefore, they are not portable.

However, such is not the case for most manual chainsaws in the market; chainsaw files are light tools in hand and smaller than grinders. Moreover, electric sharpeners such as the Oregon 30846 are small and are portable as they come. Although the Oregon 30846 is not as fast as an electric grinder, it is still a whole level above manual sharpeners, which are extremely slow when sharpening.

Frequency of Use –

The frequency of using a chainsaw sharpener has less to do with the sharpeners themselves; instead, you need to keep your chainsaw in shape. There is no fixed interval at which you need to sharpen your chainsaw. Therefore, the frequency at which you need to sharpen your chainsaw depends entirely on the quality of your chain and how often you use the chainsaw. Therefore, when you see your chainsaw getting dull, you can quickly use the sharpener to keep it in shape.

Chain Size –

Electric grinders are versatile, and you do not need to pay much attention to the chain size since most can accommodate anything. However, when you sharpen your chainsaw using a file, it is essential to note the correct size to maintain a correct angle and hook on the teeth. Therefore, knowing file sizes is of utmost importance –

  • 5/32(4mm) chain file – 3/8LP and 0.325 pitch chain.
  • 3/16(4.8mm) chain file – 3/8 pitch chain.
  • 7/32(5.5mm) chain file – 404 pitch chain.

Budget –

Chainsaw sharpeners are very versatile when it comes to price since you have variants that are vastly different. An electric chainsaw sharpener is more expensive than a manual chainsaw sharpener by miles. Therefore, budget planning is vital when you purchase a sharpener. If you want a manual sharpener or a small budget, you will get an excellent sharpener within 40 bucks. The best sharpeners are over 300 USD, whereas most mid-range grinders will cost you around 150 bucks. Therefore, you have sharpeners at every budget range possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the chainsaw teeth sharpener work?

Yes, chainsaw sharpeners work as they sharpen your chainsaw teeth using the metal files on a manual sharpener. However, if you have an electric chainsaw sharpener, you will have a grinding wheel to sharpen your saw teeth.

How long does it take for a chainsaw to sharpen?

This ultimately depends on the sharpener you use. A manual sharpener takes a more significant amount of time to sharpen your entire chainsaw, where an electric chainsaw takes little to no time sharpening your chainsaw.

How do you sharpen a chainsaw with a grinder?

Using a grinder is pretty useful, and all you need to do is follow these steps –

  1. Lock the bar on your chainsaw by adjusting the tension on the chain.
  2. Make sure to test your grinder since it has many moving parts.
  3. Keep that the horizontal stop lies against the rear edge of your cutters.
  4. Use a marker to mark the starting point so that you do not sharpen the same cutter twice.
  5. Adjust the depth so that you do not cut the chainsaw body.
  6. Adjust the angle of the grinding wheel so that it matches with the tooth and cutter.
  7. After you grind your chainsaw, polish it to remove any metal splits.

How many times can I sharpen a chainsaw chain?

This depends on the quality of your chain. However, you can sharpen your chainsaw about ten times before you need to replace them on average.

At what angle do you sharpen a chainsaw chain?

The standard sharpening angle is between 25° to 35°, and the more complex your wood is, the steeper the angle must be.

Why does my chainsaw get dull so fast?

The quickest way a chainsaw gets dull is when you put too steep an angle on the cutters. Moreover, cutting dirty wood also dulls the chainsaw faster than it should. Last of all, if your chainsaw tip touches the ground when working, that too will dull your tool.

Does a ripping chain cut faster?

No, ripping chains are slower since more delicate cuts take more time than regular cuts.

How do I know if my chainsaw needs sharpening?

There are four ways to know that your chainsaw needs sharpening –

  1. The edges are not sharp enough when you need to apply pressure to force your chainsaw into the wood.
  2. If your chainsaw is dull, it will produce fine sawdust instead of coarse ones, especially when cross-cutting.
  3. Your chainsaw will produce smoke if it is dull, even if it is oiled.
  4. The best way to check if your chainsaw is dull is by testing if it is producing uneven cuts.
  5. Why is my chainsaw leaking chain oil?

In standard cases, chainsaw oil leaks are not alarming because what appears to be a leakage is just oil that sprays from the chain since it rotates at such a high speed and a high temperature.

Why does my chainsaw cut in a curve?

If your chainsaw starts cutting on a curve when trying to maintain a straight line, your saw needs maintenance. It might be due to dull cutters, or it might be a bigger problem that needs checking.

How often should you flip the bar on a chainsaw?

If your bar starts wearing at the tip, then you can flip it. Although, sharpening it is the better way to go.

How do you fix a chainsaw that won’t stay running?

If your chainsaw does not stay running, then check for the following problem –

  1. Check for blocked or damaged idle port using torchlight and clean it with alcohol.
  2. Check that the sparkplug and switches are in working condition.
  3. Check for insufficient fuel and replace it.
  4. If you have a clogged air filter, then your chainsaw will not run as it should.
  5. Change the fuel filter if necessary.

Why does my Stihl chainsaw cut crooked?

If your chainsaw is dull, it will start to cut crooked. Therefore, sharpening it will do the trick.

How do you know when your chainsaw bar is terrible?

If your chainsaw does not cut straight, then there is a high chance that your bar is terrible. This also happens when the rail is worn out. You can also check if the nose area is quite worn out due to loosening chains.

Editor’s Pick

We feel that two sharpeners are worth taking a unique look for a product guide with such a wide range of prices. For one, there is no question that the Oregon 520-120 is the best chainsaw sharpener when it comes to performance alone. It has an excellent metal construction with a versatile file system that can cover almost all chainsaws in the market. Moreover, the additional features such as the adjustment gauges and the light make it better than your average premium sharpeners. However, the Oregon 520-120 is very expensive since it costs over 300 bucks; therefore, this is more of a professional tool than a DIY one.

The next sharpener that is excellent yet comes at a very reasonable price of under 50 bucks is the Oregon 30846 12-volt sharpener. Not only is it an affordable one, but it is also an electric sharpener; therefore, sharpening each tooth takes significantly less time than your average manual sharpeners. Although you cannot say much about building quality since plastic construction materials, everything else is incredibly worth the value. You have a sharpener that is easy to use, an excellent battery life, and you get two sharpening stones!

Final Thoughts!

Keeping your chainsaw in top shape is the perfect way to keep it in play for years at a time. Dull chainsaws not only produce inconsistent and inadequate results but also depreciates your tool in no time at all. A chainsaw sharpener is one of the best ways to keep your chainsaw in shape, and you can do so in minutes. The best chainsaw sharpener for you will be the one that fits your budget, the frequency you use the sharpener; and, the quality of your chainsaw itself. All these features have a clear explanation on our guide that has sharpeners of every budget range in the market! Hence, we wish you happy shopping!

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