Best Pry Bar for Pallets, Removing Hardwood Flooring and Mechanics

While pry bars are not as essential as most home toolbox tools, they are a good-to-have tool that can help you at home. It can do many tasks at affordable prices, from opening a stuck window to removing a piece of the baseboard or pry up floor registers. If you research a little, it is straightforward to find the best pry bar for you. A pry bar’s features are easy to understand, and they are few, and the most important thing about a pry bar is its size and shape. Moreover, since they are so inexpensive, most pry bars come in sets where you get different sizes or conditions. Therefore, it is essential to know which product is best for you.

We bring you the 10 Best Pry Bars that are currently dominating the market.

1. Pry Bar Set, Heavy Duty Pry Bar 4-Piece Mechanic Hand Tools By REXBETI

REXBETI is a juggernaut when it comes to tools such as pry bars. The company’s 4-piece heavy-duty pry bar set is an excellent example of its excellence as it mixes innovation with technique. The set has four pry bars in four different sizes, and each of them not only helps your complete jobs at home, but it can also help you in repairing your automobile. Moreover, it also has an excellent build quality and can withstand heavy-duty jobs at home and job sites.


  • The set comes with pry bars of four different sizes – 8”, 12”, 18”, and 24”.
  • The shaft uses forged and hardened steel as its construction material, making it sturdy and withstand heavy objects.
  • You get sharpened chisel tips on all four pry bars.
  • It features a strike cap design that does not deform after hitting with hammers.
  • The pry bars have a long and ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold. The rubbery grips make it easier to keep and give you better control. Moreover, you do not need to worry about slips.
  • You get four protective caps on each of the pry bars to avoid any accidents.

What We Like

  • The hardened vanadium steel shafts do not flex easily.
  • The strike caps do not deform.
  • It is comfortable to hold and does not slip.
  • The pry bar is durable and sturdy.

What We Do Not Like

  • It is more expensive than regular pry bars.
  • The tips all have the same design.

2. Goldblatt Trim Puller, Removal Multi-Tool for Commercial Work, Baseboard, Molding, Siding and Flooring Removal, Remodeling

The Goldblatt Trim Puller has a new design that is unlike any in the market. Goldblatt proclaims that this new trim puller will revolutionize removing trim, and they rightly pull it off. Not only does it stops damaging walls, but it also makes your tasks very fast due to the overall trim design. Although it is heavy compared to most other pry bars in the market, the sturdy high-carbon and heat-treated steel construction make it very sturdy and durable. The puller has a little garden hoe; however, it has a blade in the front.


  • The pry bar has a larger, flatter, and wider contact area than most other tools. It also has a wedged center to provide more efficiency when removing trims.
  • There is a built-in sprint design that helps you separate trim from walls very quickly.
  • The pry bar has construction materials of 65 Mn steel with a black electrophoretic and polished finish resistant to corrosion and gives the tool incredible durability.
  • The pry bar has an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold and has a texture to reduce slipping even when wet.
  • The pry bar has a hanging hole in the handle for convenience.

What We Like

  • It is very durable and sturdy.
  • You can complete your trimming very quickly.
  • It does not do any damage to your walls.
  • The pry bar is easy to hold and work with.
  • You can hammer your shaft without damaging it.

What We Do Not Like

  • It is pretty expensive compared to regular pry bars.

3. Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster with Handle, 41″, blue

If you are looking for a heavy-duty pry bar, then the Vestil SKB-DLX is an excellent option to consider. It is tremendous at 41” in length and has a twin prying action with a nail puller. The steel pallet buster can refurbish or remove broken pallets very quickly and safely. Moreover, the Deluxe version of this unit has baked-in powder-coated toughness that you rarely find elsewhere. The only thing that might make you hesitate is the brand since it is not as well know. However, Vestil is an excellent company with a thousand different product lines, and they listen to customer’s needs and build their tools accordingly.


  • The pry bar has a design that makes it very easy to disassemble pallets.
  • The pry bar head has such a design that it does not break or split the wood when disassembling pallets.
  • It has a durable construction with baked-in powder-coating, making it resistant to flexing.
  • You can choose from packs of one, two, or three; however, the price goes up accordingly.
  • The pry bar also has a design that is excellent for dock board removal.
  • The pry bar measures 46.7×7.7×7.3 inches and weighs 12 pounds, making it large and quite heavy.

What We Like 

  • It is an excellent heavy-duty pallet buster.
  • The tool does not damage the wood when disassembling pallets.
  • The handle is comfortable to hold and is slip-resistant.
  • It is a durable tool and has a long lifespan.

What We Do Not Like 

  • It is expensive.
  • The tool is cumbersome.

4. TEKTON Angled Tip Handled Pry Bar Set with Striking Caps, 3-Piece (12, 17, 25-Inch) | LSQ42103

TEKTON produces several different but excellent pry bars that are hard to compete against. If you consider LSQ42103, the set has three different pry bar lengths that give you the ability to work on various tasks. Moreover, TEKTON also has various pry bars such as 17, 25, and 36-inches. However, that set is more of a heavy-duty pry bar set, and this one is an excellent choice for DIY tasks such as removing stuck windows and pulling trims. The pry bar set is well-built and is relatively affordable since this is a set.


  • The set comes with three different pry bars of 12”, 17”, and 25”.
  • You get angled tips that create a high-leverage fulcrum, which is excellent for prying and lifting.
  • The pry bar features a long and textured poly handle that gives you a comfortable and nonslip grip.
  • A striking steel cap at the end of the handle lets you hammer the pry bar without damaging it.
  • The shaft has a construction material of stout 3/8-square-inch bar stock that does not flex easily.

What We Like 

  • The pry bar has a durable and sturdy build.
  • The set consists of three different lengths of a pry bar, and it is affordable.
  • It does not damage the walls and wood when trimming.
  • The pry bar has an excellent and ergonomic grip that is comfortable to hold and does not slip.
  • There are numerous other choices of length you can find for the same type of pry bar.
  • You get a lifetime warranty period!

What We Do Not Like

  • *No apparent negatives sides to talk about.

5. Estwing Gooseneck Wrecking Bar – 1/2″ x 12″ Pry Bar with Angled Chisel End & Forged Steel Construction – EWB-12

While all the previous pry bars were fancy and were a little more expensive than what you would expect of such a tool, the Estwing Gooseneck Wrecking Bar is what you would expect from a classic pry bar of the old days. It is a pry bar of what you see in zombie movies, from its shape and size to its features. However, this one is as affordable as a pry bar can get, and it comes in an All-American design that is quite eye-catching. Because of its price and shape, the Estwing pry bar is an excellent DIY great to have at home.


  • The entire build is in one piece, and there is no extra rubber to grip as a handle.
  • It has a reinforced metal build that is as durable as a pry bar can get.
  • The pry bar has a high leverage design to produce the maximum torque possible while pulling nails and prying boards.
  • It also features a chisel end for prying and lifting boards.
  • There is a slotted hook end that you can use to extract tough nails and spikes.
  • The tool comes from the USA, and it uses the finest American steel in the country.

What We Like

  • The pry bar production happens in the USA.
  • It is very durable.
  • The tool is versatile and can pry even the most rigid nails.
  • It is an affordable pry bar.
  • It can produce the maximum torque possible due to its design.

What We Do Not Like

  • The pry bar does not feature a handle.
  • It deforms after hammering away for a long time.

6. GEARWRENCH 2 Pc. Indexing Pry Bar Set, 8″ & 16″ – 82300

The GEARWRENCH 82300 is one of the more versatile sets of a pry bar on the list. You get two different pry bar pieces with the set, and both have excellent build quality and versatility. Moreover, GEARWRENCH has other pry bars of different lengths but with the same design for added versatility. If you need additional leverage, you can try for the 48″ pry bar, and if you need something shorter, then the 8″, 16″, or even the 29″ will do the trick. There is a wide array of tasks that you can accomplish with the GEARWRENCH pry bars, starting from motor replacement to steel details alignment and more.


  • This set comes with two different pry bars with lengths 8-inch and 16-inch.
  • You can rotate the pry bar heads 180° and have 14 different locking positions for increased leverage and access.
  • It has a smooth and small profile head to fit into small areas; therefore, making it easy to work in cramped spaces.
  • The pry bars exceed ANSI and ASME requirements for proven strength! You can efficiently complete heavy-duty works with the tools.
  • The smaller ones are easy to use and lightweight, and you can easily carry them in toolboxes.
  • You can also find the same pry bars in a set of three, and there are also other pry bars of the same design in different lengths, such as 24″ and 33″.

What We Like

  • These are well-built pry bars that have a long lifespan.
  • It is very versatile and gives you unparalleled access and leverage.
  • It has a compact design and is excellent for cramped spaces.
  • You can extend the shaft from the handle!
  • You get a lifetime warranty with the tool!
  • The tools are lightweight.
  • This set comes at an affordable price.

What We Do Not Like

  • There is no striking cap on the handle.

7. Sunex 9804 Rolling Head Pry Bar Set, 6-Inch – 20-Inch, 4-Piece

The Sunex 9804 is one of the most affordable pry bars set you will find on the market. However, it has its drawbacks; however, it is incredibly worth the price since it has four different pry bars in the set. Moreover, the pry bars are incredibly durable, with pointed tips on one end that are rare to see in a typical pry bar. Furthermore, the pry bars also meet the ANSI specifications, making them trustworthy for strength and durability. Therefore, if you want a DIY pry bar set that comes at a low price, this is worth examining.


  • The set has four different lengths of pry bars, 6″, 12″, 16″, and 20″.
  • The pry bars have durable CR-V alloy steel as the construction material for maximum strength.
  • Each of the pry bars is heat-treated with incredible precision for maximum durability.
  • One end of each pry bar has a ground and polished blade edge that is excellent for digging.
  • There is a hook and point design for increased versatility.
  • The hook end is heat-treated so that the head does not deform after you hit it with a hammer.

What We Like

  • The pry bars are incredibly durable.
  • They pass ANSI requirements, proving incredible strength.
  • It is a versatile set of pry bars.
  • It is hard enough to withstand hammering.
  • The set is very affordable.

What We Do Not Like

  • There is no handle, and it can slip in wet conditions.

8. Crescent 16” Adjustable Pry Bar with Nail Puller – DB16

Even though the Crescent 16” adjustable pry bar is not a set like most of the items on this list, however, it is an exceptional tool on its own. It can do a multitude of tasks given its excellent features and multi-purpose functionalities. The pry bar also has a perfect build with a comfortable handle and a nail puller at the bottom end of the tool, extending from the handle. Also, Crescent has numerous other pry bars of a similar type and a different length you can check out.


  • You get to choose from four options for the 16″ option, which are – 18″, 24″, and 30″.
  • The top part of the pry bar features an adjustable jaw slide and clamp to fit onto objects, and it is excellent for straightening and prying.
  • There is a crowbar nail puller at the other end near the handle.
  • You also get a striking head at the end of the pry bar for hammering.
  • The Crescent pry bar is the winner of the Popular Mechanics 2012 Editor’s Choice Award.
  • The pry bar features a comfortable and durable dual two-tone handle for additional control and safety around your job site.

What We Like

  • It is an affordable professional pry bar.
  • The pry bar is versatile.
  • It is a durable yet lightweight tool.
  • The pry bar can withstand hammering.
  • The handle is comfortable and provides additional safety during complex tasks.
  • The extended claws provide maximum leverage.

What We Do Not Like

            *No apparent opposing sides to talk about.

9. Titan Tools 17102 4-Piece Pry Bar Set

The Titan Tools 17102 is one of the cheapest pry bars set you will find on the market. The company gives you the option to choose between Hardened Steel and Chrome Vanadium as the construction material. However, both of these materials give you exceptional durability when it comes to heavy tasks. Moreover, you also get a comfortable handle and a sand satin finish to prevent accidental slips in wet conditions for a pry bar set of this price. While this tool is not versatile enough to be a professional set, it is an excellent DIY pry bar.


  • The set consists of four pry bars of different lengths – 8″, 12″, 18″, and 24″.
  • The pry bars feature TPR soft-grip ergonomic handles that provide maximum support and grip. Moreover, the sand finish makes sure that it does not slip in wet conditions.
  • You can choose from two different construction materials – Chrome Vanadium and Hardened Steel, which are excellent and give the tool increased durability and strength.
  • The angled tips at the end of the pry bars provide you with additional leverage when prying and lifting.

What We Like

  • The set is quite affordable, even for DIY tools.
  • Both sets are durable and have incredible strength.
  • The handle is comfortable to hold and is slip-resistant.
  • The angled tips give you good leverage when lifting.

What We Do Not Like

  • It is not a versatile pry bar set.
  • There is no striking cap at the end of the handle.

10. Cal-Flor PB71308 Adjustable Professional Pull and Pry Bar

Although the Cal-Flor is indeed the most weird-looking pry bar, you will ever come across, and the pry bar PB71308 has its perks that are worth taking a look at. While this pry bar is not the most comfortable to hold in the hands, its main advantage lies in versatility. However, the pry bar has no handle and has a thin, boxy shape that will hurt your hands if you hold it long enough. That said, the pry bar does an excellent job of adjusting wood and laminate flooring installations. Therefore, if you are looking for a DIY pry bar with good versatility and a reasonable price, this is it.


  • You can adjust the tool for wood and laminate flooring installations.
  • The pry bar comes with three different magnetic shims to adjust the height to match floor thickness.
  • The tool features a heavy-duty pry bar end for flooring and mold removal.
  • It has a solid build with steel construction and is excellent for heavy use daily.
  • The tool has a small angled handle with a cap for convenience.

What We Like

  • It is versatile yet affordable.
  • The pry bar is excellent for flooring and mold removal.
  • It has a solid build and is durable.

What We Do Not Like

  • It is uncomfortable to hold.
  • There is no handle you can use for extended uses.

Buying Guide 2021

To find the best pry bars in the market, knowing what features to look for is essential. For a wide range of DIY works and automotive tasks, you should focus on versatility, price, construction, durability, brand, and much more. There are also pry bars that are corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant, and they are excellent tools to work with outside. Moreover, it would help if you also focused on pry bars that passed the ASME and ANSI requirements, as these tell you about the durability and strength of the pry bar. To find out more about pry bars and know precisely which pry bar best suits your needs, find out more about the features below.

Best Pry Bar


Usually, it is common to think that length alone is proportionate to how much leverage you get from your pry bar, but that is not entirely the case. While it is true that size plays an important part when it comes to leverage, it is the placement of the head or the bend that is important for influence. The curve acts as a fulcrum of the lever, and that angle describes how much leverage you have, and when you add that to the length of your pry bar, the more influence you get.


Since you exert quite a force when working with pry bars, it is essential to have a comfortable and ergonomic handle that will not hurt your hands. This is important since there are many pry bars in the market with a bad design. These pry bars without handles make it exceptionally hard to work with since they hurt your hands after long uses or when you push on them hard enough to gain leverage. Therefore, try going for pry bars with a nonslip and ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold.


The quality of a pry bar relates to the durability of a pry bar and its features and versatility. With little research, you will find that pry bars are tools with quite a few different variants, and it is to the point that some do not seem like pry bars at all. In terms of durability, the pry bars often have hardened steel, or reinforced steel has construction materials. These are heavily resistant to flexing and deformation since pry bars require a lot of leverage when trimming or prying. Moreover, a suitable pry bar also does no damage to your floor, wall, or wood, when you shrink or pry wallpaper, paint, or nails with them. Versatile pry bars also defined quality since you get pointed ends and angled ends and different working ends that work well with various DIY tasks around your home.


There is not much that adjustability relates to when it comes to prying bars. The only thing that is adjustable when it comes to prying bars is the length of the bar. However, very few pry bars in the market allow you to adjust the height extending from the handle. Pry bars like the GEARWRENCH pry bar can extend their length from the handle, while others like the Crescent 16″ adjustable pry bars can adjust its clamp as well as its head. These pry bars give you incredible versatility and strength to complete different tasks at home and worksites.


Pry bars have some of the most versatile designs you will ever see in the tools industry. You can say that they do not even look the same. The most common heads that pry bars have are angled heads for leverage and large or small nail puller on the other end. The point-type design will determine how efficient your pry bar is at pulling nails. Moreover, flat pry bars with a broad and smooth blade are also excellent at scraping off paint or old adhesives. Furthermore, you will find rare but valuable round-headed pry bars with wedge-shaped points of the other end.

In the case of the design of pry bars, you will have to see for yourself the things you need to accomplish at home and what work you need doing at worksites. Only then should you purchase the one you need.

Construction Materials

Construction materials are essential for pry bars since you need a durable build with many strengths to stop your pry bar from flexing. Moreover, continuous leveraging over a long period puts your pry bar at the risk of deforming. Therefore, finding a pry bar with reinforced steel or deluxe steel has built material is the right way to go since both are highly resistant to flexing and deformation.

Ease of Use

Pry bars are typically easy to use since they have such a simple design. However, pry bars such as the Cal-Flor PB71308 are inconvenient to use since they have a short, almost negligible handle. Moreover, it has a ruler-type design that is very painful to hold for a long time. Therefore, it is crucial to find a pry bar that has a comfortable and ergonomic handle, as well as an extraordinary length to increase your leverage when trimming or prying.


Most of the pry bars in the market generally cost around 30 to 50 USD. That is the sweet stop for most pry bar sets and premium pry bars. However, even though you will find pry bars with a lower price tag, they usually have drawbacks. The most common fault you will find on lower-priced pry bars is the construction materials, which results in the deformation of the tool within a few months after rigorous use.

On the other hand, you will also find pry bars with a higher price; however, these are usually premium bar sets for professional use. In short, if you are a DIYer looking for an affordable yet excellent pry bar, try to make a budget plan within 50 USD, as that is the usual sweet spot.


While premium brands give you a lifetime warranty, that is where the advantage ends. The most significant disadvantage that tools from premium brands have is their high price. While these pry bars give you solid builds and guarantees, they are similar to standard bars for strength, versatility, and build quality. Therefore, it is entirely up to you to choose which pry bar meets your fancy when it comes to brand.

What’s the difference between a pry bar and a crowbar?

Final Thoughts!

Pry Bars are excellent tools for prying, trimming, pulling nails, and working with automotive vehicles. It is never a loss to have one in your car in times of need. Moreover, pry bars are generally affordable tools, and more than that, you can get a complete set of them for under a hundred bucks. Since pry bars come in different shapes, designs, and sizes, it is essential to know the crucial features that make them so useful. With that, we sincerely hope that our guide can carve the path to the best pry bar in the market for you!

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