Best Walk Behind String Trimmer Reviews

Gardening is an excellent hobby that is not only good for the environment but is also excellent for your health. When it comes to maintaining your lawn, there is nothing better than using lawn trimmers. However, the best walk behind string trimmer is not the usual day-to-day lawn mower you see on the screens. These machines are different than lawnmowers, and you can say that they are a combination of a string trimmer and a lawnmower. However, these machines are a cut above the rest both in terms of power and efficiency. Walk-behind trimmers can easily handle rough terrains, and you can also work with them where the shrubbery and grass are overgrown and too thick for regular trimmers.

Because of its crazy efficiency, there are a variety of walk-behind trimmers in the market with a large price range. Therefore, it is important to find a walk-behind trimmer that is best for you. Of course, there are crazy good trimmers in the market that is a cut above the rest. However, these tend to be very expensive and not worth the price most of the time if you do not require them.

1. Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT15022 150cc Field Trimmer

The Southland SWFT15022 is one of the best trimmers in the market for overgrown grass and shrubbery. It houses a powerful 150cc engine that can complete any job you throw at it. Moreover, it has an excellent anti-vibration system, as well as a large 22-inch cutting swath.

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT15022 150cc Field Trimmer, Includes...
  • Heavy duty 5.75 ft./lbs torque, 150 cc engine
  • Manual recoil easy start fuel delivery system
  • Quad 0.155" diameter line trimmer head


  • The walk-behind string trimmer has a powerful 150cc OHV engine with 5.75-ft-lbs of torque, and it is strong enough to work with any overgrown shrubbery on your lawn.
  • The trimmer also has a manual recoil start delivery fuel system that is excellent for starting your job right away, therefore, reducing time-waste.
  • Since you get a large 22-inch cutting swath, it is very easy to reach tough overgrown places, as well as any spots that you cannot reach with standard lawn mowers or string trimmers.
  • For such a large machine, it is very silent during operations.
  • There is a large 14-inch wheel on each side of the trimmer that makes it very easy to move the machine around your lawn.
  • The trimmer features an anti-vibration handle that makes it convenient to hold when in long use.
  • There is an air filter on the left side of the machine that removes debris from the intake air. The air filter allows the engine to run smoothly throughout the operation with little to no exhaust.
  • There is a recoil starter cover on the top of the machine with holes to allow air into the trimmer for an excellent cooling system.
  • The spark plug on the machine's left gives the spark you need to ignite the air mixture. However, you need to keep in mind to remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug when servicing the unit.
  • There is a trimmer guard at the front of the machine that protects it from debris. Moreover, the mounted blade automatically cuts any trimmer line to the correct length if it is too long.

Features We Like

  • It has a powerful engine capable of handling any overgrown shrubbery.
  • The machine is easy to use, and the anti-vibration handle makes it convenient to use.
  • You get a two-year warranty period with the machine.
  • The user manual is detailed to provide excellent information on any help you might need.
  • The machine is versatile and has several excellent features.
  • It has an excellent build with a protection system to make it last.
  • You also have the option to buy a good safety goggle with the machine.

Features We Do Not Like

  • It is quite expensive.
  • The quality of the engine belt is average at best.

2. EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 Trimmer with 150cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine Walk Behind String Mower

It is no surprise that EARTHQUAKE makes some of the most powerful walk-behind gas trimmers in the market. The company is a leading manufacturer of seasonal gardening equipment for residential, commercial, and rural use. The EARTHQUAKE 28463 trimmer is an excellent and powerful trimmer that can easily work with the country's most overgrown lawns.

EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 Trimmer with 150cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine Walk Behind...
  • POWERFUL - Powered by a strong, yet quiet, 150cc 4-Cycle Viper engine. The Earthquake M205 walk behind string...
  • DURABLE - Our one-piece steel deck provides strength and stability while reducing vibration. Super tough nylon...
  • NEVER KILL ENGINE: Unlike many competitive units, our engine will continue to run when the cutting head is...


  • The machine houses a powerful 150cc 4-cycle Viper engine that is surprisingly quiet when at work. The EARTHQUAKE M205's engine gives it the power to mow down any overgrown shrubbery and bushes in your lawn with ease.
  • There is a 14-inch wheel at the back that allows you to maneuver it across uneven terrain and on thick grass, weed, and bushes where other average trimmers struggle to move.
  • The one-piece steel deck in the front is durable, and it gives the machine the strength and durability it needs to withstand damage and reduce vibration.
  • There is an extremely tough nylon line with a cutting swath of 22” that gets your work complete in no time.
  • Unlike most other competitors in the market, the EARTHQUAKE M205 features a “NEVER KILL” engine that continues to run despite the cutting head disengaging. This allows you to safely remove sticks and other obstacles without restarting the engine and save precious time.
  • You can easily fold the tool-less handlebar using the adjustment knobs to store it away in your garage and save space. Moreover, it also allows you easy transportation when not in use. The wheels are also incredibly sturdy, and the Never-go-flat features make sure the equipment is ready whenever you are.
  • EARTHQUAKE knows of the hassle that is assembling gardening equipment; therefore, they make sure to make the assembly process very easy with almost no setup required. To set it up, you only need to unfold and tighten the handlebar knobs. Moreover, you get starter strings and the 4-cycle engine oil in the box!
  • EARTHQUAKE provides one of the best customer services in the market with 24/7 availability. Moreover, this particular walk-behind string trimmer comes with a long 5-year warranty period!

Features We Like

  • It has a powerful yet quiet 150cc engine capable of handling any lawn.
  • It is incredibly sturdy and durable.
  • The machines feature a never-kill engine that does not stop even when facing obstacles has hard bushes and sticks.
  • You get a long warranty period with the tool.
  • It removes weeds and bushes very effectively and efficiently.
  • It is easy to assemble and runs very smoothly!
  • You get one long and sharp cutting swath that does not break often.

Features We Do Not Like

  • The machine is very expensive.

3. Remington RM1159 159cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered Walk-Behind High-Wheeled String Trimmer

The Remington RM1159 is an excellent and user-friendly walk-behind string trimmer that will make even the biggest jobs seem small. You can easily clear away your lawn of any tall, tough, and unwanted grass and weeds. Moreover, its compact size helps you clean hard-to-reach places. Also, the high-wheel makes sure that portability is never an issue, even in rocky terrain. Like all Remington products, this too is one of the best in the market!

Remington RM1159 159cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered Walk-Behind High-Wheeled String...
  • 159cc OHV GAS ENGINE: Powerful 4-cycle gas engine helps you clear the tallest, toughest grass and weeds....
  • 22-INCH CUTTING SWATH: Unique shape makes trimming around fences, garden beds, and other landscaping borders...
  • USER FRIENDLY: Off-set trimmer head feature helps to trim hard-to-reach places while the 14-inch ball-bearing...


  • The Remington RM1159 features a powerful 159cc MTD Powermore 4-cycle OHV engine capable enough to work with the most overgrown lawns and gardens you can find. Moreover, its power also makes sure to get the job done in no time at all. The machine's engine is on par with trimmers that are over 700 bucks!
  • Aside from its compact size, the machine also features an off-set trimmer head that further helps you trim hard-to-reach places.
  • The Remington RM1159 features large 14-inch ball-bearing wheels that will not go flat. Moreover, these wheels help you move easily through rough terrain and overgrown bushes with ease.
  • There is a 22-inch cutting swath at the trim line with a unique shape to help you cut around fences, garden beds, and other garden borders that are hard to reach.
  • The machine has a comfortable, angled, and folding handle that reduces vibration by a lot. Since you can fold the handle into the machine, it is easy to store it in tight spaces and easy to transport.
  • It has a standard trimmer line diameter of 0.155”.
  • The control lever at the machine's side is more of a safety device and is not for bypass operations. It is advisable to keep it on to avoid any personal injuries during the operation.
  • The starter rope makes it very easy to turn the machine on in a matter of seconds.
  • It has an excellent and durable trimmer deflector near the spindle that keeps debris and other small rocks and obstacles flying around when in operation.
  • The spindle height is adjustable, and therefore, you can change the height of cutting your grass.
  • You get a standard 2-year long warranty period with the Remington TM1159.

Features We Like

  • The Remington RM1159 is one of the safest trimmers in the market.
  • It has a powerful 159cc engine that rivals those over 700 bucks!
  • It has an incredible price-to-performance ratio!
  • The machine comes with an excellent user manual, and setting up the machine is very easy.
  • The replacement parts are always available and at a discount!
  • It can easily work with any large and overgrown garden or lawn.

Features We Do Not Like

  • You cannot work with wet grass since the machines slip quite a lot and can cause injury.
  • You cannot trim slopes greater than 15 degrees.

4. TAZZ 35258 Walk-Behind String Trimmer, 150cc

The TAZZ 35258 has a patented 150cc Viper engine that can chop down your overgrown lawn and stubborn bushes with ease. Like most other premium walk-behind string trimmers, this too features large 14-inch never-go-flat wheels that are superb for maneuverability. Moreover, the string trimmer comes at a reasonable price that is unseen in the market. If you want a powerful and premium trimmer at an affordable price, the TAZZ 35258 is an excellent choice!

TAZZ One-Piece Steel Deck, 22” Cutting Swath, Never Kill, Fold Down...
  • FAST AND FRIENDLY: Perfect for mowing and trimming around your yard and property. Easily muscle through the...
  • POWERFUL VERSATILITY: Our 150cc engine has plenty of power to easily clear thick grass, weeds and other...
  • HEAVY DUTY DECK AND LINE: Our one-piece steel deck provides strength and stability while reducing vibration....


  • The TAZZ 35258 houses a special 150cc Viper engine exclusive to TAZZ, and it does short work of thick grass, weeds, and other shrubberies your lawn has. Moreover, it can also work with tree lines and shorelines if you need it so. Furthermore, it is also an excellent trimmer for cleaning up edges around your lawn that most other mowers cannot do.
  • The entire system is easy to use, and the recoil starter is the only thing you need to turn on to keep it going. Moreover, the machine requires minimum maintenance for upkeep.
  • The one-piece steel deck on top keeps vibration to a minimum by providing incredible strength and stability.
  • You get a standard 0.155” nylon line diameter and a 22” cutting swath that gets your job done quickly.
  • Like most other premium trimmers, this too houses two 14" wheels perfect for rough terrains and overgrown grass and bushes. Moreover, you will have no problem moving through rocks and obstacles under the grass.
  • The handlebar is comfortable to hold and is vibration resistant, thereby lessening your fatigue. Moreover, you can fold it down for convenient storage.
  • It has a fuel tank capacity of 33 FL-oz; therefore, you can keep working for a long period if you have a large lawn, garden, or any other space that needs trimming.
  • The mower head is adjustable so that you can choose the perfect length for your bushes.
  • The "never kill" engine is excellent to keep the engine running even when you remove the cutting head.
  • You get a three-year-long warranty period with the walk-behind string trimmer.

Features We Like

  • It is a powerful machine with a good engine.
  • It is durable and has a long life.
  • It has a never-kill engine that saves precious time when removing sticks.
  • The machine is portable and easy to store.
  • It is a versatile walk-behind string trimmer.

Features We Do Not Like

  • The lock for the handle has a plastic build and breaks easily.

5. SuperHandy String Trimmer Walk Behind 21" Inch Line Cutting Diameter

The SuperHandy String Trimmer is one of the most affordable string trimmers on the list, with excellent features. It has a strong engine with good speed for cutting through tough bushes and overgrown lawn. Moreover, it has a durable build and a superb deck to reduce vibration and damage. Furthermore, the size of the trimmer makes it easy to move around and store.

SuperHandy Plate Compactor Rammer 7 HP Gas Engine 4200-Pounds of Compaction...
  • PROFESSIONAL SPECIFICATIONS - This Force Compaction Plate Compactor has a powerful Alphaworks 7Hp 4 Stroke...
  • EFFICIENT & MANEUVERABLE - Our Plate Compactors have specially designed shock absorption systems, resulting in...
  • SAFETY & PROPER USE - The engine is designed to ensure the operator's safety. Always operate machine according...


  • The trimmer comes at an affordable price yet offers professional specifications such as a powerful 149cc 4-stroke Single Cylinder OHV gas engine. It operates with a max output power of 3.5 hp and at a max speed of 3600 RPMs.
  • The unique yet sturdy design of the trimmer makes it very easy to move around. The one-piece and seamless deck off-set frame design will help you to trim around bush foundations, fence lines, and much more. Moreover, the compact design allows it to reach tight spaces and greatly reduces vibrations.
  • The machine has a tool-less handlebar with adjustment knobs that can control the height of your cut. Also, the handlebar can fold itself for convenient and compact storage. Moreover, the All-Terrain High-Wheel design is in a class of its own, and you can use it on any lawn type.
  • The engine design makes it very safe for user operation; however, SuperHandy advises you to read the user manual before using the machine carefully. Moreover, following ANSI guidelines and protection makes it safer during work.
  • The trimmer has a max oil capacity of 0.7 gallons and uses unleaded 87+ octane gasoline. Oil does not come with the purchase, and you need to fill it after unboxing the tool.
  • You get max hauling power and compaction force of 4200-pounds!
  • The trimmer is EPA certified and goes with the CARB complaint.
  • For safety reasons, SuperHandy includes a low oil level sensor that automatically shuts down the engine during operation.
  • There is a rust-resistant powder coating that protects the machine against harsh weather.

Features We Like

  • The machine is durable and sturdy.
  • The trimmer is versatile enough for working on different tasks such as forestry, gardening, landscaping, field brush, and much more.
  • It has a powerful machine with great speed and compaction force.
  • The rust-resistant powder makes it great for working in harsh weather.
  • It is an affordable walk-behind string trimmer.
  • It is easy to use and transport.
  • The trimmer has a compact size and can reach tight spaces.

Features We Do Not Like

  • It is very noisy.
  • The oil to gas ratio is not good enough and runs out during operation.

6. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower, String Trimmer, and Edger, 12-Inch (MTC220)

The BLACK+DECKER MTC220 is an excellent yet affordable string trimmer that is excellent for small lawns. One thing to note is that this is strictly a small lawn trimmer that will have a tough time working with tough bushes and overgrown shrubbery. Apart from the base purchase, you can also buy the trimmer with six different options: batteries, accessories, and much more. If you are looking for a small trimmer that is affordable, then this exactly fits the definition.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower, String Trimmer and Edger, 12-Inch, Cordless...
  • 3 tools in 1, easily converts from mower to trimmer to edger
  • AFS automatic feed system ensures continuous work without bumping and having to stop. Ideal property size 750...
  • Power drive transmission prevents bogging down. Cutting heights: 1.6 2.4 inches


  • This is a battery-powered string trimmer that works with a 2 AH, 3 Ah, or a 4 AH battery, and all of them are available as a purchase option with great discounts.
  • You can also purchase safety gloves, goggles, or loppers and pruners as extra upon purchase.
  • The BLACK+DECKER MTC220 is easily one of the most versatile tools on the market, and you can easily switch it between a mower to a trimmer to a hedger.
  • An AFS automatic feed system makes sure you can continue your work without breaks and delays, even when tackling obstacles such as rocks and sticks.
  • There is a power drive transmission system that stops the trimmer from bogging down. Moreover, you can change the height of your cut from 1.6 inches to 2.4 inches and back.
  • You get an adjustable height deck and trimmer with a pivoting handle for convenience.
  • There is an option to increase the torque for higher cutting power at the string with a system called the PowerDrive Transmission®.
  • Any of the options that have batteries with the base purchase come with two packs for convenience. Moreover, you only need 2.5 hours for a 60 percent charge! You can charge up to full in four hours.
  • The trimmer's small size makes it perfect for small yards that measure up to 1200 square feet. Moreover, its size also makes it easy to reach tight spaces.
  • The 12-inch cutting swath does not break as often as other string trimmers do, and it requires very little maintenance to keep in form.
  • The trimmer comes with a two-year long warranty period.

Features We Like

  • It takes only four hours for maximum charge.
  • There are a lot of options and accessories to choose from during purchase.
  • It has a lightweight and compact body that can access tough-to-reach spots around your lawn.
  • It is affordable yet durable.
  • The trimmer is very versatile.
  • It produces zero toxic emissions.
  • The trimmer does not bog down from heavy grass and weeds.

Features We Do Not Like

  • It will not work well in large lawns and overgrown shrubbery.
  • It has poor battery life.

7. McLane 101-5.5GT-7 Gas Powered Lawn Edger

You do not see many machines like the McLane 101-5 in the market. Usually, premium trimmers are excellent at what they do and stick to what they best excel at. Therefore, a premium walk behind string trimmer does not deviate much from its foundation but expands on it. The introduction of the McLane 101-5 tool the market by a storm since it is an excellent premium string trimmer, yet you can also use it as an edger!

McLane 101-5.5GT-7Gas Powered Lawn Edger, 5.50 Gross Torque/3.5 HP B&S...
  • EDGER AND TRIMMER - Make your yard or outdoor space look incredible with this lawn edger machine. McLane...
  • PRECISE - This motorized trimmer is designed to ride on most curbs while still delivering a clean cut every...
  • ANY ANGLE - McLane edgers and trimmers cut vertically or horizontally, and do it smoothly thanks to wide...


  • The McLane 101-5 is one of the most versatile trimmers you will see on the market. Not only is it powerful as a trimmer, but it can also work as an edger since the blades are on the left side of the machine. The McLane bladed edger and trimmer use a single lever blade clutch and depth control for precision.
  • The blades of the trimmer are sharp, and the motor delivers precision on cuts unlike anything else. The cutter head on the left uses a precision ball bearing on a 2x9 inch spring steel blade. Moreover, the ball bearing is tightly sealed in place, and you do not need to worry about any unwanted accidents.
  • Unlike most other premium trimmers, the McLane 101-5 uses four excellent and wide ball-bearing wheels that can move around on any lawn.
  • The trimmer can cut horizontally and vertically; you can easily switch the blades to any angle you desire. Moreover, you can trim horizontally at any height you want!
  • The edger and trimmer follow all US safety standards!
  • The trimmer has an all-steel heavy-duty chassis along with a tubular steel handle. Moreover, it has powder-coated polyester paint that is resistant to corrosion.
  • The engine governor settings and speed settings are optimal, and you shouldn't change them to prevent any accidents.

Features We Like

  • It is versatile and powerful.
  • It has all-terrain wheels and a durable chassis.
  • It is effortless to assemble.
  • You can rotate the cutting disc both horizontally and vertically; and, it is also possible to tilt the blade at any angle!
  • You can use it as both an edger and a trimmer.
  • One can of gas lasts a long time.

Features We Do Not Like

  • It is costly.
  • You need to check the spark plug often to prevent accidents.

8. Southland SOWST4317 Wheeled String Trimmer

Southland is unrivaled when it comes to making premium yet budget-friendly wheeled string trimmers. The Southland SOWST4317 trimmer is a prime example of one such machine. It has excellent output power that is a set above all other trimmers in its price range. Moreover, it has a solid build with a versatile touch; this is because the trimmer's size is quite small and having a 0.105" trimmer string in such a small body increases its value.


  • The Southland SOWST4317 is very powerful for a trimmer of its price range, and it has 35% more ft. lbs. of torque than any other 25cc walk-behind string trimmers in the market. Even though the efficiency does not place it on par with other premium trimmers on the market, it is good enough for most small lawns out there.
  • It is a versatile trimmer that accepts both 0.095” and 0.105” trimmer strings.
  • The right trimmer head is off-set at 5°, and that provides a 4" cut along trim lines, walls, fences, and landscape barriers.
  • The trimmer height is 1.5 inches.
  • You get 10-inch wheels with a trimmer that will not go flat even on rough and uneven terrain. Hence, it is excellent for lawns that have rocks and sticks lying around. However, since it does not feature a "Never Stop" engine, the trimmer will stop if it faces obstacles it cannot work through.
  • It has an ergonomic handlebar that is somewhat resistant to vibrations and is comfortable to hold. Moreover, the handlebar holds the spring-loaded throttle control that you can use to operate your machine.
  • You can fold the handlebar into the trimmer by tilting it in front. Together with the folding handlebar, the trimmer's size makes it an excellent choice for small garage space.
  • Like most other Southland products, you get an average two-year long warranty period with the trimmer.
  • The machine houses a 43cc 2-cycle engine with a speed of 7,000 to 8,500 RPMs.
  • You can use unleaded gasoline that is 87% octane or higher. Moreover, it uses 28oz of oil to have a full tank.

Features We Like

  • It is affordable yet has a durable build.
  • The trimmer is excellent for trimming your grass low.
  • It is a versatile machine, and you can also use it like a push mower.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • The replacement line is sturdy and holds for a long time.
  • It is compact, comfortable, and easy to use.

Features We Do Not Like

  • The oil tank is small.
  • The welding of the spinning head is not well enough.

9. Earthquake 23275 Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn Edger with 79cc 4-Cycle engine

The EARTHQUAKE 23275 walk-behind landscape and lawn edger have one of the unique designs for its caliber machine. It houses a powerful 79cc engine with excellent motor speed. Moreover, it has multi-angle cutting options, as well as a flexible depth control system. However, the edger's most unique feature is its tool holder that is unseen in machines of its kind. Furthermore, the debris guard keeps you safe and is very durable.

Earthquake 23275 Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn Edger with 79cc 4-Cycle...
  • POWER AND FLEXIBILITY: The 79cc Viper Engine spins a 9” spring steel blade at 3400 RPMs providing the power...
  • MUTI-ANGLE CUTTING: Our multi-position pivoting head offers 5 different cutting angles from 70-110 degrees...
  • PRECISION LINES: Clean professional lines can be easily achieved regardless of grass type when you combine the...


  • It houses a powerful 79cc Viper engine that is exclusive to EARTHQUAKE and is extremely efficient. Moreover, the engine spins the 9" spring steel blade at 3,400 RPMs, and its speed is enough to accomplish any edging tasks at your home or any other place.
  • The tool is incredibly versatile, and you can also use it for trenching jobs such as electric fence installation, cable installation underground, and much more.
  • The edger offers five different cutting angles through a multi-position pivoting head. You can select an angle between 70 to 110° allowing you to handle any grass types that need edging. You can easily change the angle of the head using the single-hand operation lever on the adjustment plate.
  • The four-wheeled design with the multiple-angled cutting blade makes for an exact operation. You can make clean and professional cuts every time you use the machine. The default 90° cutting angle set by default can handle any types of grass that need edging. Moreover, you can also choose from 70, 80, 100, and 110 for a clean design when dealing with creeping grass and bushes.
  • You can choose from five different depth settings, from 0.5 inches to 2.5 inches, with the adjustment lever.
  • The durable debris guard protects you from any flying debris during operation. There is also a tool holder that you can use to place small hand tools when necessary; moreover, you can also place refreshment drinks and other stuff for convenience.
  • You get a long five-year warranty period along with excellent US-service and support all the time.

Features We Like

  • It is versatile and powerful.
  • It is an affordable walk behind edger.
  • There is a handy toolbox for extra storage space.
  • The pivoting head makes you select the angle of the cut.
  • The chain debris guard is durable and protective.
  • EARTHQUAKE provides excellent service and a long five-year warranty period.

Features We Do Not Like

  • It is not worth the price you pay for it.
  • It is difficult to assemble.
  • The operator’s manual is not good enough.

10. PowerSmart Lawn Mower, 21-inch & 170CC, Gas Powered Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The PowerSmart walk-behind lawn mower is the last machine on the list, and it is more of a lawnmower than a string trimmer. However, its 170cc engine, along with the 21-inch blade, makes it incredibly powerful and versatile in its use in the garden. Moreover, you can work with lawns that have the tallest and toughest grass with ease. The machine's best thing is its affordable price even though its engine is one of the most powerful ones in the market!

PowerSmart Lawn Mower, 21-inch & 170CC, Gas Powered Self-Propelled Lawn...
  • 144CC OHV GAS ENGINE & 21-INCH STEEL MOWING DECK: PowerSmart gas lawn mower contains with powerful 4-stroke,...
  • ADJUSTABLE CUTTING DEPTH: The self-propelled mower has 5-position height adjustment which allows you to change...
  • FLEXIBLE AND AGILE: 3-in-1 side discharge and mulching capability allows you to spread grass clippings to the...


  • The PowerSmart lawnmower houses a powerful and efficient 170cc 4-stroke, a single-cylinder motor engine that runs on gas. The motor delivers enough power to cut through the tallest and toughest of grass with ease.
  • There is a forced air-cooling system that ensures continuous operation for a long period without the engine overheating.
  • You get a 21-inch mowing deck just below the fuel tank that houses the large cutting area. The deck is very durable and can mow through tough obstacles without taking damages. Therefore, it is easy to work heavy-duty jobs without too many hassles.
  • The mower has an adjustable cutting depth system that lets you choose from five different depths to cut. You can choose a range between 1.18 inches to 3.0 inches with the adjustment lever's help at the bottom of the machine behind the right wheel. Moreover, the cutting width is fixed at 21-inches, making it usable in large lawns.
  • The grasscutter capacity is 1.4 Bushels.
  • The mower has a 3-in-1 side discharge and mulching capability that allows you to drop the cuts on the run. This process returns all the healthy nutrients on the ground, allowing your lawn to keep them.
  • You get four 8-inch wheels that allow the trimmer to move smoothly through any lawn there is. Moreover, the 18-gallon bag at the back of the trimmer does an excellent job of collecting debris and significantly increase your efficiency.
  • The entire trimmer is foldable and is excellent for storage in small spaces like a small garage.
  • The fuel tank capacity is at 0.21 gallons which are good enough for large lawns.

Features We Like

  • It features a powerful and efficient engine.
  • It is easy to store in tight spaces.
  • It is versatile and has five different depth-cut settings.
  • The discharge mechanism is excellent for keeping your lawn healthy and full of nutrients.
  • You get an extended three-year warranty period with excellent customer service.
  • It is affordable

Features We Do Not Like

  • The belt is loose and does not stay on long.
  • The holding arm is plastic and is not durable.
  • It is hard to push.

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Walk Behind String Trimmer Buying Guide

Looking for the best Walk Behind String Trimmer is a difficult job indeed, especially because of the number of features that it has. Moreover, it is also very hard to distinguish between a lawnmower, a string trimmer, and a walk-behind string trimmer. Therefore, we bring you a detailed guide on the most important features that make a walk-behind string trimmer great.


Suffice to say, engines are the most important part of a walk-behind string trimmer when it comes to performance. An average trimmer houses a four-stroke engine powerful enough to handle any overgrown shrubbery in your lawn or backyard. However, these engines produce a lot of waste; therefore, you need regular oil changes and hard maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Moreover, as the name suggests, each trimmer has a string that acts as a starter rope that starts the engine very quickly; you can also call this a recoil starter since it has a quick start system faster than any lawnmowers in the market.

Power Source

The most common walk behind string trimmers is electrical; however, the more powerful ones run on gas. Electric trimmers are much easier to start, and they produce less noise and vibration than gas trimmers. Moreover, they are also easier to maintain since they produce less waste than gas trimmers. Furthermore, electric trimmers also do not produce toxic emissions that are harmful to the environment.

You also have to note that electric walk-behind string trimmers are of two types, and they are either corded or cordless. Cordless trimmers have batteries as a power source, while corded ones run on electricity.

On the other hand, gas-powered trimmers are much more powerful and are excellent for places with large growth and shrubbery. They offer longer runtimes but at the cost of slower start times and toxic gas emissions. Moreover, you also have to maintain it better than electric trimmers.


The most important part of a walk-behind string trimmer when it comes to mobility is the wheels. While the weight plays an important part, it is the wheels' quality that determines how easy it is to move your trimmer around your lawn. You need a large wheel with a solid foundation to move through the overgrown shrubbery and greens without suffering long-term damage. Moreover, those which are 16 inches or larger are easy to move around even on uneven grounds.

Cutting Area

The cutting area or the cutting swath in the front of a trimmer contains blades that work through the shrubbery. Walk-behind string trimmers use a string system instead of cutting through weeds and grass, compared to typical lawnmowers. Therefore, the main difference between a normal lawnmower and our trimmer is the cutting width; and a string trimmer has a significantly larger cutting area than a normal lawnmower. The largest trimmers can even go above 22-inches in cutting width. These are perfect for large lawns and are excellent for drastically reducing work time.

Some walk behind string trimmers even uses up to four string in the cutting area for better efficiency and cutting accuracy. Moreover, having strings as a cutting tool means that you also can adjust your cutting height to what you want. Therefore, these are perfect for multiple types of lawn and terrain.

Replacement Line

No matter how powerful and durable a walk-behind string trimmer is, the one place that it always deteriorates is the replacement line. Since string trimmers handle tough bushes and shrubbery, the line breaks quite often. There is no fault within the machine itself, and this is a maintenance issue in all walk-behind string trimmers in the market. Therefore, when you purchase a trimmer for your lawn, you should buy a few replacement lines beforehand so that you be ready for it. The best thing about replacement lines is that you get them in all lengths and sizes; moreover, these are also quite affordable.

Handle Grip

Every walk behind string trimmer features an angled rectangular handle that extends towards you. This is an important part of a trimmer since you use the handle to maneuver the machine. Moreover, the handle grip needs friction to prevent slips. Also, it needs to be comfortable so that you can hold it for a long period. A typical gas walk behind string trimmer generates a lot of vibration that makes it comfortable to hold the machine for a long period. Therefore, you should look for trimmers that feature an anti-vibration mechanism that reduces vibration; thus, reducing the strain it puts on your hands. Moreover, try looking for trimmers that have handle foam or rubber to have a better grip.


The most common place to store a walk-behind string trimmer is your garage. Even though a trimmer is quite big, storing it is not a problem since you can fold down the handle to its body, reducing the trimmer's size by a lot. Therefore, storing it in your garage takes minimum space.

Pollution Levels

Gas walk behind string trimmers produces a lot of toxic emissions that are harmful to the environment. Moreover, they require a lot of maintenance, and you need to change the oil quite a lot. If pollution is a big concern to you, then try going for an electric trimmer since they produce almost zero emissions. However, you will have to sacrifice a bit of performance in the process since gas trimmers are always more powerful. However, you will only need more time to complete tasks with an electric walk-behind string trimmer when working the same lawn. An electric trimmer does a fine job of handling an overgrown lawn, even though it takes more time. However, since it cuts down pollution to almost zero, the price is worth it.

Price and Warranty

Walk-behind string trimmers are expensive machines, and therefore, budget is an important thing to consider when purchasing one. A typical but excellent trimmer like the Southland SWFT15022 can cost you around three to four hundred bucks, whereas the premium ones like the EARTHQUAKE 28463 can even reach eight hundred bucks. While there are trimmers below two hundred, these see a significant performance drop both in power and work speed. However, if you are willing to sacrifice time due to a short budget, trimmers like the Southland SOWST4317 will do you justice.

Since trimmers are expensive, it is important to find one that has a good warranty period. While it is rare to find trimmers that offer a lifetime warranty, ones with a two to five years period are not hard to find. EARTHQUAKE offers the best warranty periods while Southland offers an average of two years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the best time to buy a riding lawn mower?

The best time to buy lawnmowers is when there are discounts available, and that is when the mowing season ends. Therefore, the best time to buy a lawnmower is in April through October. These are the times when you will get the most out of your bucks and when the price will be at the lowest. Moreover, Black Friday is also a great time to buy a riding lawnmower.

2. Best manual lawn mower for small yard.

One of the best manual lawn mowers for a small yard is the Scotts 2000-20 classic push reel lawnmower. Not only does it have the best cutting quality amongst all classic push lawnmowers, but it also has a solid build and a maximum cutting height of 3-inches.

3. Best lawn mowers under 200

Lawnmowers are expensive machines, but they are versatile and can help you a lot around your lawn. However, the price of lawnmowers is as broad as they can get. You can find lawnmowers that are under 200, and then there are lawnmowers over 800 bucks! Therefore, if you are low on budget but need an excellent lawnmower, we give you the list of five best lawn mowers under 200 –

Craftsman Push Mower

  • It has a powerful engine.
  • It houses excellent blades.
  • There are an auto-choke and recoil system.
  • It has durable wheels.

PowerSmart DB2321P –

  • It is compact and is easy to store in your garage.
  • It is a heavy-duty lawn mower at an affordable price.
  • The machine houses powerful blades.

PowerSmart Gas Mower –

  • The machine houses a powerful engine.
  • It is versatile and has eight different cutting heights.
  • You will have no problem working in rough terrains.

Yard Machines 140 cc gas-powered walk behind lawn mower –

  • It has a powerful engine.
  • The machine is easy to control.
  • It houses sharp blades that do short work of overgrown bushes.

Hyper Tough 961140034 –

  • The lawnmower is easy to handle.
  • It houses a powerful motor.

4. Is the front-wheel or rear-wheel drive better for a lawnmower?

Front-wheel lawn mowers are excellent for plain terrains since you can easily tip them up and around.

However, rear-wheel lawn mowers are better for rougher terrains since the extra weight at the back adds traction to the center.

5. What is the easiest lawnmower to use?

The most comfortable lawn mowers to use are usually the ones that are manual and small in size. However, since these are lightweight, working with overgrown bushes will be a tough job indeed. Small lawn mowers are the best types for small gardens and if you are short on storage space. Therefore, we bring you the five most comfortable lawn mowers to use in the market.

  • Bosch Rotak 32R
  • Flymo HoverVac 250
  • Handy Hand Push Mower
  • Sun Joe MJ401E
  • American Lawn Mower Company 14-inch Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

6. Can You Insert Blade in a Walk Behind String Trimmer?

Inserting a blade in a walk-behind string trimmer will not do you any good since you cannot use it to cut bushes like a string trimmer can do. Therefore, it is not possible to insert blades like you can with a string trimmer. A walk behind string trimmer is the best with overgrown shrubbery and lawn. However, since you cannot lift the machine to work with hedges, inserting a blade for such work is not feasible.

7. Walk Behind String Trimmer vs. Push Mower: Which One is Better?

Both a push mower and a walk behind string trimmer have their advantages and disadvantages.

A walk behind string trimmer is the machine to go when working with large lawns and overgrown bushes. However, these tend to be expensive, and the string line breaks often; therefore, you have to replace them periodically.

A push mower, on the other hand, is inexpensive; however, they are for smaller gardens. Even though there are push mowers that can do medium heavy-duty works, they are expensive. Unlike walk behind string trimmers, you only need to sharpen its blades once in a while to keep it in top form.

8. Who Makes the Best Walk Behind String Trimmer?

There is no best walk behind string trimmer that is excellent for everyone, especially considering the size of your lawn and your budget. However, two companies stand out amongst all others when it comes to walking behind string trimmers. Suppose you are looking for an excellent yet moderately affordable walk behind string trimmer that does excellent work on your large lawn. In that case, Southland will offer you an excellent range of trimmers at an excellent price. However, if money is not an issue for you and you want the best of the best and the cream of the crop, then Remington is the way to go. Remember that Remington makes some of the most expensive walk-behind lawn mowers in the market; however, they are mighty and well worth the price you pay for it.

Final Thoughts!

Choosing an excellent walk behind string trimmer can be a daunting task if you are unsure of the features or a first-timer buying one. However, with a little knowledge from the guide above, it is easy to realize all the features that make a trimmer great. If you have the budget, try going for the EARTHQUAKE 28463. However, if you are short on budget, or need a moderate but excellent trimmer, then the Southland SWFT15022 will do you no wrong. With all said, we hope that our guide leads you to the trimmer of your dream! Happy hunting!

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