Bosch is a renowned oscillating tool brand. It has introduced the Bosch StarLock Plus oscillating tool. The Starlock interface is a new way to attach accessories to an oscillating multi-tool. This tool has two different models – GOP40-30B and GOP40-30C. Now we are going to talk about Bosch GOP40-30C StarlockPlus.

Features of Bosch GOP40-30C

The dimension of the product is 11 x 2.5 x 3.8 (L x W x H) inches. The tool is slim and weighs only 3.3 pounds. Because of its lightweight, it can reach tight corners and spaces.


It works with 120v.

Oscillations per minute (OPM)

It produces 8,000-20,000 oscillations per minute.

Built-in LED Light

This tool, GOP40-30C StarlockPlus, has a built-in LED light that is automatically activated when the tool’s power switch is turned on. It helps to lighten up the dark corners and working spaces to make your work easier. It’s located on the front of the unit.

Sliding On/Off Switch

On the top side of the motor housing, the sliding on/off switch is located.

Corded Tool

It’s a 13-foot corded tool. It’s the most extended cord among all other oscillating tools.

Innovative StarlockPlus 3D Interface

An exclusive feature of the Bosch-GOP40-30C is the 3-D interface for attaching accessories to the tool. It’s different from the standard OIS (Oscillating Interface System), and its mechanism produces a high-level accessory grip.

When a blade or an accessory is attached to an oscillating tool, power is transferred from the tool to the blade or accessory to make the blade or accessory work. However, in this new StarlockPlus Interface design, Bosh developed a new method so that the attachment can grab or touch the tool-head, and more power can be delivered to the prop. With a larger contact surface area, this newly designed 3-D interface supplies more torque from the tool, providing better output and extending work capacity.

Tool-free Snap-in Accessory Attachment System

Another distinguishing feature of this tool is the snap-in accessory attachment feature. No wrench or tool is needed in this system. In this system, you don’t have to touch the blade. Attaching a blade or an accessory to the tool is super easy. Just position the accessory model number so that it faces the accessory holder of the oscillating tool. Then press the tool, and automatically the clamping jaws of the holder will snap into the accessory. Removing an accessory is easy as well. Just open the accessory release lever, and the accessory will come off the tool quickly. Moreover, in this design, the replacing accessory system takes only a few seconds. As you don’t have to touch or grab the hot blades, there is no chance of having burnt fingers.

4.0 Amp Powerful Motor coupled with 3 Degree Oscillating Arc

The unit has a professional-grade and high-quality 4.0 Amp motor inside that ensures producing 8,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute together with a 3.0-degree arc. It makes sure faster cuts with more accuracy or precision.

Variable Speed Dial

This unit is equipped with a variable speed dial. The dial has six different settings, which you can use to control the speed. While working with different materials, set the speed that suits the job to achieve the best results. Here, one thing is notable that if the speed is set at the lowest level and the voltage is small, it will slow the OPM of the tool. If the voltage is less than 120 volts and at the lowest speed setting, the tool may not start. In this case, increase the speed setting to begin the operation of the tool.

On the speed dial, speed control settings are marked. It ranges from 1 to 6. Another noteworthy feature is the Constant Responsive Design. This means even under load, the tool continues working at the same speed that you preset for the tool.

Less Vibration and More Durability

This Bosch StarlockPlus tool vibrates less than other oscillating tools. If you have worked with other different branded tools, you’ll feel the difference. The reason for less vibration partly lies in the internal design of the machine. Reinforced metal gearing has given the StarlockPlus tool more durability.

Provides ‘Soft start’ Feature

The tool has an internal electronic feedback system for ‘soft start.’ It means it will reduce the pressure when the machine starts with high torque.

Two Additional Features

The unit has two more cool features. There is a no-mar pad on the front of the tool. It protects the piece in front of the tool from scratch while operating. At the back, the power cord has a swivel to make the movement of the tool more comfortable and more flexible.

Works with all Starlock and StarlockPlus Accessories

Though the model Bosch GOP40-30C doesn’t support many old OIS blades, it’s compatible with Starlock and Starlock plus blades and accessories.


A one-year limited warranty covers up the Bosch GOP40-30C.

Bosch StarLockPlus Kit Includes


Cons with solutions

The StarlockPlus accessory interface system is proprietary. The StarlockPlus accessory interface system is not a universal fit system as it lacks compatibility for blades and accessories of other brands.


Bosch manufactures a wide range of Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories and attachments. So, you need not worry about this. You can buy other attachments when it is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the GOP40-30 oscillating tool made?

Both of the StarlockPlus units (GOP40-30B and GOP40-30C) are manufactured in Hungary.

Will the GOP40-30C unit accepts standard OIS accessories, or is it restricted to the OSL interface?

Both StarlockPLus units- the GOP40-30B and the GOP40-30C support all Starlock (OSL) and Starlock Plus (OSP) accessories. On the other hand, the Starlock accessories support the former OIS oscillating tools.

Does it work with 220v electricity?

The unit works with 120v. However, if you intend to use it in a 220v, you’ll need a step-down transformer. It’ll drop the voltage from 220v to 120v to make the tool work.

Will the newer Fein Multimaster blades fit this unit?

The Fein blades will not work on this Bosche unit. It will accept only the Starlock and StarlockPlus design blades. However, the Bosche blades work on the Fien tool.

In conclusion, if you are searching for a professional oscillating multi-tool that can be easily handled, has low vibrations, and has a ton of power. Bosch GOP40-30C StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool can fulfill your needs. In this Bosche oscillating tool review, we have tried to depict all the features and advantages of the product. I hope this review will help you make the right decision if you are willing to buy a Bosch GOP multi-tool.

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