FEIN FMM350QSL MultiMaster Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

In 1967, the Fein introduced their first oscillating tool. They always have tried to bring a new idea in the oscillating multi-tools arena. Finally, they have launched an advanced oscillating unit with high performance. They have created the FEIN FMM350QSL MultiMaster Oscillating Multi-Tool and included innovative features for better quality output. It’s one of the most reliable units for accomplishing any remodeling work. It is ideally suited for both DIY projects and professional projects. All types of remodeling or repair tasks including sanding, scraping, cutting, sawing, polishing, etc. can be quickly done by this Fein MultiMaster tool.

In the past, one of the common problems regarding oscillating tools was the process of blade and accessory clamping system. Many oscillating tools on the market had the problem of blade slip while working. Then Fein and Bosch together developed a new kind of blade and blade attaching system known as ‘Starlock.’ Now, we are going to give the details of Fein Multimaster FMM 350 QSL below. This machine gives you precise outputs, and it’s also straightforward to control. It’s compatible with all types of Starlock and Starlockplus accessories.

Fein FMM350QSL MultiMaster Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool with QuickStart...
  • MULTIPURPOSE - The tool is perfect for renovation for door jambs, toe kicks and hardwood flooring to name a...
  • FEATURES - The Fein StarLock Mounting system allows for a "snap-in" tool-free accessory change. It allows the...
  • HIGH QUALITY - The added improvement of the StarLock mounting system the 350QSL multitool can operate with...


The product dimension is 13.2 x 2.6 x 3.2 (L x W x H) inches.


The tool weighs only 3.2 pounds.


It works with 120v.

Oscillations per minute (OPM)

It produces 10,000-19,500 OPM.


It’s a corded-electric tool.

Snap-in-tool Accessory Change Feature

The Fein FMM350QSL has introduced the New Starlock Mounting System. It’s equipped with a tool-free and pin-less “snap-in” accessory change method. It saves a lot of effort and time as there is no need to use extra washers, wrenches, and bolts like old oscillating tools. It takes only 3 seconds to replace or attach any accessory to the unit It. It also gives you the guarantee of a secured connection. To connect an attachment, you have to lift the lever, snap the fitting to the tool and attach it. You can replace a fixture with a new one by following the same process. You don’t have to touch any hot attachments or blades anymore. You can now work more independently and safely with this new Fein MM 350QSL.

Outstanding Torque Transfer ensures better work result

This tool has a three-dimensional (3D) form of the Starlock accessory attachment interface. This exclusive 3D accessory interface ensures exceptional firmness and torque transfer. As a result, working with this Fein oscillating unit,a  you can get better outputs and higher precision and accuracy in your renovation or remodeling work.

Fits all Starlock and StarlockPlus Accessories

This unit fits all kinds of Starlock and StarlockPlus blades and accessories.

350-Watt Motor

The tool is capable of providing higher power than previous Fein tools. Many customers have reported about other oscillating tools that their machines die while working. With a 350-watt motor, this tool assures you that it’ll not leave you in the middle of your projects. The metal gear casing guarantees durability for long time ball bearings delivers perfect operation. With 120 volts and a 350-watt motor, this multi-purpose oscillating can perform those tough tasks that need high speed and more power. It’s one of the most potent multi-tool in the industry.

Tacho Generator and Electronic Speed Control

This oscillating Multitool has the Tacho generator and electronic speed control feature for ensuring constant speed of the tool even operating under load.

Less vibration and less noise

The unit is equipped with Xtreme Core Technology. The housing of the MultiMaster tool is totally separated from the motor. Using four damping components, the system can effectively suspend the motor within the housing to produce less noise and less vibration. This innovative design helps to lessen vibrations up to 70% and noise level up to 50% compared to the old Fein model.

User-friendly Design

The users can easily handle this Fein MultiMaster FMM350Q tool for its ergonomic design. The casing of the motor is slim. It is a lightweight tool and can be easily controlled. You can take it to any tight workspaces or tight corners and accomplish your tasks. The tool has been designed and built in a way that it’s well-balanced. For comfortable handling, it has a soft grip handle.

Unified Interface

The oscillating units or tools can accomplish different types of tasks by interchanging accessories. This Fein Multitool also has an integrated or unified interface for attaching blades and other accessories to perform various functions such as sanding, cutting, scraping, grouting, etc.

Power Cable

This oscillating tool has an industrial-quality power cable. Its length is 16.4 ft. You can efficiently work with it when you have to work around large working spaces. You don’t need to use any extension wires.


Warranty for Fein Oscillating tools available up to 3 years.

The Fein Tool-kit includes:

  1. 1 Fein Multimaster FMM350QSL oscillating multi-tool
  2. One unperforated sanding pad
  3. Three triangular sanding sheets
  4. 1 E-Cut saw blade universal
  5. 1 E-Cut Long-Life saw blade 2-9/16 in
  6. 1 HSS segment saw blade
  7. One scraper blade
  8. One plastic tool case


  •  The new StarLock Mounting system of the Fein 350Q provides you with the advantage of quick and easy blades and accessory change in less than 3 seconds without the need of using any wrenches or tools.
  • This Fein tool features a slim design. It’s easy to handle and can be used in tight corners and workspaces.
  • An innovative design technique has been incorporated in the Fein 350QSL for diminishing vibrations and noise. Due to less vibration, now you can get rid of having strained hands. You can continue your work for long hours without taking any ear protection.
  • Its soft grip-zone allows comfortable handling.
  • The 350-watt motor is powerful, robust and highly reliable.
  • It’s a lightweight tool, only 3.1 lbs.
  • It has a long cord (16.4 feet), and it’s made from good quality rubber.
  • Its Tacho generator and electronic speed control can carry on constant speed, even under load.
  • The tool has a ‘soft start’ feature that gives you a smooth start when you switch on the power button.
  • This Fein oscillating tool has a comprehensive collection of accessories available for all kinds of applications.

Cons with solutions

The older model of accessories and blades are not compatible with this new Fein MultiMaster tool

This Fein tool is only compatible with the Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories and blades. The previous accessories and blades of older model Fein oscillating tools won’t work on this unit.


This oscillating tool has an extensive range of Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories. These are mainly designed to accomplish specific tasks or applications. So, you don’t need to worry about the blades or other attachments when you want to finish a renovation or remodeling project. You can complete any job like grouting, scraping, cutting, sanding and all other tasks that are common in a plan with these Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Fein FMM 350QSL oscillating tool made?

This unit is made in Germany.

Is there a Universal Adaptor for this Fein unit?

No, there is no Universal Adaptor for this tool.

Final Thoughts

Fein is doing a great job as they are taking customers’ feedback and accordingly updating their product features. By innovating new ideas and implementing those ideas into their products, they have drastically improved their oscillating tools. They have developed the FEIN FMM350QSL MultiMaster QuickStart StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool with higher power and also brought new ranges of accessories and blades to meet the needs of high demand applications. In conclusion, this oscillating tool is an amazing one and worth your money. If you are going to buy an oscillating tool for the first time or want to upgrade your existing one, this Fein oscillating unit is highly recommended.

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