Bosch StarlockPlus Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

Having a Bosch multi-tool at the end of a list is like ending something with a bang. It’s not like StarlockPlus is the worst of the bunch; instead, since this is a relatively new tool in the market, its popularity is slowly rising to the top. There are several reasons that make the tool worthy of a position in this list, and of course, what else could the main reason be if not the famous Starlock system. If you have no idea about the Starlock system, then it is important to know that it has two categories, and they are the Starlock “Max,” and the Starlock “Plus.” The main difference between the two is the design of the lock system.

There are two particular models of the tool here in question, the GOP40-30B and the GOP40-30C. Here, we will be discussing the later one, which utilizes the Bosch StarlockPlus system. Fear not if you think that one has a definite advantage over the other since, to be honest, it does not.

Both feature the unique 3D-bottlecap interface that allows you to add and remove a blade without ever having to touch a hex, blade, or any accessories; you just have to use a lever to do that. This is the reason that a Starlock system is the fastest blade replacement system in the market right now, and why more and more companies are implementing the system in theirs.


The StarlockPlus is a corded multi-tool, and its power is as good as you expect. The tool houses a professional-grade, and powerful 4 amp motor that ensures you can do all your jobs with extreme ease. The oscillating angle of the tool is 3-degrees, and while there are tools with variable oscillating angles, the 3-degree angle can do most of your jobs to perfection. Also, like all premium oscillating tools, the GOP40-30C runs at 120V.

The thing about premium multi-tools is that you often see that they have a powerful motor but a mediocre range of speed. However, Bosch has decided to give you the best of both worlds. The powerful motor is capable enough to do both professional and home projects with ease. Also, the great speed range makes sure that you have the greatest versatility you can have on the multi-tool yet; the minimum speed of the tool is 8,000 RPMs while the maximum speed is 20,000 RPMs. By now, it should be pretty clear that performance is not the reason why this is at the bottom of the table.

The speed control dial is in a great position near the grip that you do not have to reach around the tool too much to change the speed. You get six different speed settings for maximum versatility. The settings are marked one to six at each level, and you can look at the marks each time you turn on the tool if you ever forget where it was before.

Build Quality and Design

Like all premium tools, the GOP40-30C is as durable as it can be; the body consists of reinforced metal gearing that makes up the majority of the boy, and then the rubber over-mold near the grips for better handling. The rubber grip also makes sure that you have no accidental drops or mishandling while working for a long period. Since this is a corded power tool, you do not need to worry about batteries running out.

Bosch has really taken the tool to another level with the vibration reduction technology since not even the StarlockMax tools are this much comfortable to work with.

The tool is quite compact for a corded one, and it also weighs less than most cordless multi-tools on the market! It measures 11 x 2.5 x 3.8 inches and weighs 3.3 pounds. The compact size and weight, together with the vibration reduction technology, makes the tool more comfortable than any other tools on the market. Also, you will not feel any fatigue even after hours of use.

Last of all, all the switches and LED lights are just where you want it to be. The on and off switch is at the top of the motor housing, the variable speed dial is on the right side of the grip, and the speed settings LED meter is along with it. Furthermore, the LED light is automatically activated when the tool is turned on in dark places.

Ease of Use

Since all meter, switches, and LED light is right where you will feel most comfortable with, there is barely any reason for you to use a manual. Also, the StarlockPlus system takes your experience to another level.

An exclusive feature of the Starlock system is its 3D bottlecap interface that allows you to attach and detach blades and accessories within three seconds, and without any hexes. However, that is not all the Starlock system is capable of; with the new interface design, Bosch has a new method so that any attachments or blades can grab the tool-head so that more power can reach the prop. So this new design not only makes it infinitely more comfortable and handy to use the tool but it also makes the tool more power-efficient than any other tool on the market.

To better understanding the attachment system, here is the process. You do not need any hexes to replace a blade; instead, you need to face the number of the accessory to the attachment holder of the tool, and then press it; this automatically makes the clamping jaws snap into the accessory. Removing a blade is even easier since all you need to do is press and release the clamping lever, and it automatically releases the blade.

Things we like

  • It is a very versatile tool that can do multiple different jobs, such as plunge cutting, flush cutting, grinding, sanding, and many more.
  • The Starlock system makes the tool more power-efficient.
  • The 3D bottlecap interface makes it fast and easy to remove and add an accessory.
  • It has a good range of speed, even for a premium tool. (8000 to 20000 RPMs)
  • It has a powerful 4 AMP motor.
  • It has a lightweight and compact design for better portability.
  • It has a Constant Response Circuitry for better responsiveness under heavy load.
  • It has an Electronic feedback system.
  • It almost has no vibration even at the highest power settings.
  • The power cord is 13 feet long. (Longest amongst any base purchase)
  • It has an LED light to work in dark places.

Things we do not like

It will not accept any other accessories from other brands that are not Starlock material.


So, in the end, if you need a professional-grade, heavy-duty tool that has tons of power, has almost no vibration and offers great versatility, then this is most certainly what you are looking for. This is the Bosch tool that is made to beat all other Bosch multi-tools, and it is only because of its new release that makes this a bottom contender on the list. Even though this is an expensive tool to have, it offers great value for its price.

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