A hand tool that comprises several tools into a single, portable device is known as multi-tools like Swiss Army Knife. Multitools or master tools are becoming an essential part of handling any projects these days, primarily used by any professionals or occasional trade workers. An oscillating tool is a kind of multi-tool necessary for scraping, grinding, sawing, sanding, or remove silicon sealant. When we think about the oscillating tool, the name of the DEWALT DWE315K Multi-Material Tool Kit comes to our mind first due to its look and sturdy design.

The DEWALT multi-tool kit is equipped with a hefty Motor of 3.0 amps. It facilitates Quick Change Accessories for change one tool to another within a second without using any wrench and provides superior Speed Control based on your task. The LED lighting system will help you to improve your visibility during work in darker places. DEWALT Multi-Tool has a Guide System that will provide you with accurate height during the repeated action for depth control.

DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit, Corded, 3-Amp, 29 Pieces (DWE315K) , Yellow
  • POWERFUL 3 AMP MOTOR provides strong performance for cutting and sanding; Oscillations/min: 0-22,000 OPM
  • QUICK-CHANGE ACCESSORY SYSTEM allows blades and attachments to be changed quickly without wrenches
  • DUAL-GRIP VARIABLE SPEED TRIGGER gives users ultimate speed and application control
  • BRIGHT LED LIGHT illuminates dark work surfaces for accurate cutting
  • 29-PC DEWALT ACCESSORY KIT with storage box includes popular cutting and sanding attachments.*Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18

Features of DEWALT DWE315K

Versatility and Power

DEWALT Oscillating Tool is one of the most modern multi-tool which comes in the market of equipment a bit later than the other brands. Moreover, it takes advantage of a late entry to research people’s likes or dislikes. Based on that, DEWALT manufactured its DWE315K Corded Oscillating Tool Kit putting weight on versatility and power traits.

If you focused on power, it is manufactured with a 3.0 Amp motor which is one of the most powerful in its class, makes easy your task of cutting and sanding. Power is also an essential aspect of a carpenter, and general contractors who use these tools to trim and frameworks used rigid materials.

If you consider the versatility, the DEWALT oscillating tool guide system comes first. With the help of this fantastic tool guide, you can cut anything maintaining a certain depth and a straight line, and its excellent flexibility allows you to set it both right or left side and bottom of the device. You can cut through a wide range of materials like wood, plastic, rug, or plumbing without any trouble. The DEWALT multi-tool blades are designed to detail sanding, plunge cutting, flush cutting, removal of excess materials, and surface preparation applications.

Quick-Change Accessory System

The QUICK-CHANGE TM accessory system is a trademark option for the DEWALT Oscillating tool, which allows you to change blades and attachments quickly without the help of an Allen wrench. Thus you can save your valued time and effort during multi-tasking in the same project.

While you are required to change any blades, you can do so by pressing the clamp with one hand and insert another with your free hand, do it in a matter of seconds. However, if you do not use similar brand blades other than the DEWALT, it required a wrench to fix it.

Dual-Grip Variable Speed Trigger

It’s a prerequisite to having variable speed for use multi add-ons in a device. DEWALT realizes this eminently and designs DEWALT DWE315K with DUAL-GRIPTM variable speed trigger. It will allow you to control the speed of your applications.

You can operate the device and holding it either right or left hand from different positions thanks to its little longer trigger. The large switch also facilitates the tool to do its work in multiple modes, like a position that aligns best with the cut but usually not comfortable for the machine angles.

Multi-Brand Accessory Adapter

Typically, you can change the blades of DEWALT without taking the help of any wrench due to its unique Quick-Change system. However, it permits you to change tool-freely only if that were the DEWALT branded blades. However, if you want to fix another branded cutter instead of DEWALT, you can use the included adapter. This adapter will assist you in installing any similar kinds of the blade on the market with a washer. You will not face any trouble slippage in this device during the use of other brands.

The most significant benefit of this universal adapter is you no need to search exact match blades; instead, you can use any similar brand available on the market.

A wide range of attachments included in the package

Nonetheless, the DEWALT Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit comes with 29-piece accessories with a storage box consisting of the popular cutting and sanding attachments. The multi-brand accessory adaptor allows for use with most oscillating tool accessory brands. So, you can start your project work immediately after the box reached your hand-palm.

The Kit also includes:

(1) DEWALT Corded Oscillating Tool,

(1) DEWALT Oscillating Tool Guide,

(1) Wood with nails blade,

(1) Fast-cut wood blade,

(1) semi-circle blade,

(1) sanding pad,

(25) sheets of sandpaper,

(1) accessory storage box,

(1) multi-brand accessory adaptor and

(1) contractor bag.

What we like

What we don’t like

Frequently asked questions

Q. The DEWALT oscillating tool corded is light in weight or cumbersome to handle?

In our DEWALT DWE315K review, we show that the weight is about 3.1 pounds which is not a heavy one to hold by one hand during operation.

Q. What blades fit DEWALT oscillating tool?

DEWALT is a multi-branded oscillating toolkit. So you can use any branded tools in it.

Q. How well does this tool perform as a sander?

DEWALT oscillating blades are performing exceptionally well as a sander. However, it can work better off in smaller areas rather than the more significant places.

Q. Corded vs. Cordless, which one is more powerful?

In my opinion, the corded one is always more powerful than the cordless or battery one. Also electric one is suitable to operate at variable speed smoothly.

Ending Thought

Once you used the DEWALT DWE315K Multi Material Corded Oscillating Tool Kit, I assurance that you will never turn back to your old means of sanding and cutting. It is a must-have tool for any weekend warrior or a home builder, or DIYer. The ability to integrate attachments from other brands with its universal fit adapter makes it unique. Like others, it also has a few drawbacks. I am still convinced that what the tool can offer is unparalleled with other oscillating tools in the market.

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