DEWALT DCS355B Oscillating Tool 20v Review

Are you a construction body, connected with remodeling or repairing ventures or you are hobbyist DIYer? Portability and quick access to proper tools are two things that are decisive for you. To ensure accessibility of this two trait, you must need a cordless, lightweight, and handy multi-tool. The DEWALT DCS355B 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool can bring a solution for you.

If you are thorough-going our DEWALT 20v oscillating tool review, you can easily understand that it is a robust and sturdy device which is very light in weight 2.33 pound only. The brushless motor with XR function makes it so compelling that you will get 57% more runtime.

DEWALT DCS355B 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool


Moreover, DEWALT started its journey in 1922. Since then it continues to design and optimization specialized workhorse tools, accessories and service to ensure outright confidence for the hardest job site. Raymond DeWalt said if you buy a machine and what you get is satisfaction, entire satisfaction. DEWALT Guaranteed Tough.

Alternatively, to know more details with a comparison of this fantastic product, you may go through our DEWALT multi-tool review below-

Powerful device with XR function

DEWALT presents a new Dewalt 20v oscillating tool, which has included dewalt oscillating tool blades. The designation ‘XR’ stands for extreme runtime. The XR is a uniform function generator integrated circuit capable of producing best quality sine, square, triangle, gradient, and pulse wave; together those are helping to form a high-stability and accuracy. The output of XR function waveforms can be both amplitude and frequency modulated by an external voltage. The result of this Dewalt 20v achieved supreme runtime power.

Also, the motor of DEWALT 20v max designed Brushless. Because of this power comes from the internal side of the device that has less heating, so it is more competent to run long. It also consumes less energy due to nearly zero friction and no voltage drop. The engineers of Dewalt Company makes this instrument such a way that it can deliver up to 57% more run time than other brushed motors.

QUICK-CHANGE TM Accessory System

The DEWALT 20v oscillating tool introduces the QUICK CHANGE accessory system accepts the other blades along with DeWalt that have the open slotted design and the rectangular holes instead of round holes. Thus we can say that the DEWALT 20v tools are compatible with a variety of attachments and thanks of the incredible quick-change accessory system you can jump between grouting, cutting, sanding, polishing, and more swiftly and efficiently, without using an Allen wrench or hex keys.

dewalt oscillating tool 20v

The quick-change accessory system is nothing but a spring-loaded tool which acts to hold the blades in place during use with the speed of oscillation and the resultant vibration. Due to that, the spring should be strong enough, and it requires an optimum strength during squeeze the lever to operate the mechanism. So, it may be difficult to manage by low energy folks. However, it is good for safety during high-speed oscillation maximum 20000 per minute.

Universal Fit Accessory Adapter

DEWALT DCS355B comes up with a universal accessories adapter which allows you to change the blades from a different manufacturer other than the DEWALT. You have not to concern to find out exact brand blades anymore instead you can easily use other brands thanks to this universal fit system. Also, the shape of attachments doesn't create any problem for installation for users.

For safety, it is better to not using any accessory for an application where the adaptor may fail to hold the fixture.

DUAL-GRIP TM Variable Speed Trigger

Dual-Grip variable speed trigger will allow you to control both the speed of action as well as how softly you handle the machine. It also helps to maintain the pressure and control the oscillating speed, slowing down or speeding up with the variable speed trigger.

Dewalt dcs355 bring forth the Trigger Lock System too which allows locking the trigger so that the tool may not start by chance. It also provides the security during the oscillating speed at the optimum point. If you wish to release the speed lock, a simple squeeze is enough.

dual grip

Oscillating Tool Guide System

In Dewalt oscillating multi-tool there has two guide system one is depth-guide, and another is cut-guide. The Depth guide feature allows you to the precisely cut material at a quantified depth. To track a marked cut line, you can use the cut guide. Dewalt oscillating tool guide system assists you to do your job accurately with just merely keeping your eyes on during operation.

LED Light

Oscillating tools are designed especially work in remote places where the conventional devices cannot reach like corners of inside rooms or cabinets which mostly darker than other areas. To accomplish a task in such a condition LED is a must. Think about that the DEWALT cordless oscillating multi-tool furnishes a bright LED light in front of it so that user can work suitably and make cutting and brushes along their way.

built in led light

Oscillation Angle

Dewalt dcs355 design its tool with an oscillation angle of 1.6 degree which is not as high as Rockwell multi-tools, but it is excellent for smooth working as there is very low vibration. The shape and oscillating angle help to minimize the vibration and take control.

What in the BOX

(1) 20 Volt MAX XR Brushless Lithium-ion Oscillating Multi-Tool

(1) Wood with nails blade

(1) Fast-cut wood blade

(1) Universal accessory adapter


  • Plunge-Cutting in Wood and Drywall
  • Grout and Tile Removal
  • Sanding and Polishing Applications

What we like

  • Dual-Grip Trigger System consume less electric power
  • Universal Accessories and fittings compatible with most oscillating tool fixtures available in the market
  • Brushless motors mean 57% more run time over brushed
  • Tool Guide System assist you to tailor the depth or height for accurate repeatability
  • Powerful XR Lithium-Ion battery delivers high performance and battery life without the hassle of cords
  • Cordless so increase portability
  • 90 days money back guarantee with three-year limited warranty and one-year free service

What we don’t like

  • The battery on the rear-end add some weight feels heavier to hold extended period
  • Dual-GripTM variable speed trigger can be exhausting to carry on a long time
  • If not locked in place variable speed trigger can be activated out of the blue
  • Backup batteries are bit inflated

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the Dsc355B and DeWalt Dsc355D1 similar product or different?

A: Dewalt dcs355d1 20v XR is another fantastic tool of Dewalt brand which product fixtures and functionality are almost similar. The main reason behind the sequence of use DSC355B for ‘B’ and DCS355D1 as ‘D1’ is for representing their kit configuration with a bare tool to combine them with their accessories.

Q: Is it come up with Batteries? If not which type is better to use with it?

A: This is a very valid question. For your information, I like to say that the Dewalt 20v max will not include battery or charger with it. Any 20v battery matches with it, but Dewalt 20v is the best option for it.

Q: Does it offer any carrying case?

A: It’s a bare tool, means no battery, no bags, no accessories. It packed with a hard paperboard only.

Q: Is it a louder one?

A: It is difficult to find perfectly quiet oscillating tools. However, compare to other oscillating tools in the market Dewalt 20v oscillating multi tool is much quieter.

Dewalt Oscillating Tool List

DCS355 20V MAX Oscillating Multi-Tool

Ending Thought

If you want an oscillating maneuver which supports the tool-free attachment system to the smooth, low-vibration feel, and will be the same class as those costing options then go for DEWALT DCS355B 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool will be a real bargain. With a wide array of warranty support and multiple features, it is difficult to match such a best oscillating tools in the market. So you can trust on it and make it your playmate for home projects or DIYs.

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