For heavy work, a small tankless water heater could hardly provide more support that is significant. Nevertheless, tank-type water heater would be even more traditional to run, as it lacks advanced technology. So, to solve this dilemma, EcoSmart has brought their new product ECO27, which is a higher size water heater with tankless facility. It has self-modulating technology which can run even in such a low temperature of 37-degree F. For multiple and heavy applications, EcoSmart ECO 27 has a high retention of customer demand.

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Features of EcoSmart ECO 27

Operate in Low temperature

EcoSmart ECO27 electric water heater is an ideal product for colder climates. It works surprisingly well when the incoming water temperature is 37-degree F. Normally colder regions face lots of problem in installing tankless water heater. Thus, those cons can be solved by ECO27 tankless heater amusingly. 

High capacity

For, more massive works mini-tankless water heaters are nothing but useless. Therefore, to avoid this trouble, EcoSmart has brought ECO27 electric water heater, which has a higher capacity to work for multiple purposes. It is capable of heating closely 3-Gallons water per minute at 37-degree F. It also can handle two showers running at a time. But in warmer weather, it serves even better than the colder situation. In tropical climates, it is capable of boosting its strength. That means in warmer climates ECO27 can handle up to 6-Gallon water per minute, which is equivalent to run four showers and one sink simultaneously. 

Digitally Controlled

Digital temperature control allows you to increase the temperature with 1-degree increment. That means you can set the temperature anywhere from 80-degree F to 140-degree F. Precise and digital temperature settings help you to save energy. Thus, you can save your heating cost as well. 

Ecosmart ECO Electric Tankless Water Heater, 27 KW at 240 Volts, 112.5 Amps with Patented Self Modulating Technology, White
  • Endless on-Demand Hot Water; Consistent hot water when you need it that never runs out; Continuously monitored water temperature and controlled flow rates ensure efficiency and consistent performance within 1 degree of selected temperature
  • Save Space; EcoSmart tankless electric water heaters are 90% smaller than traditional tank heaters; may be installed on wall or at point of use; Dimensions 17 x 17 x 3.75 inches 
  • Save Energy; EcoSmart tankless electric water heaters are 99% thermal energy efficient; Only heats water when called unlike a tank heater that maintains water temperature even when not being used. Save up to 50% in water heating costs according to the Department of Energy
  • EcoSmart ECO 27 Sizing; 27-kilowatt tankless electric water heater ideal for providing hot water for whole home applications; provides between 2.7 and 6.5 gallons-per-minute depending on the inlet water temperature; refer to the sizing guide to select the proper solution
  • Warranty and Certifications; Limited Lifetime Warranty on electronics, exchanger and element; UL-499 certified; ETL Listed
  • Required Breaker Quantity: Three 40 Amp Double Pole
  • Recommended Electrical Panel: 200 Amps
  • NEVER run out of hot water with an ECOSMART tankless water heater.
  • Save up to 12 cubic feet of storage space.
  • Digital temperature control in 1-degree increments gives users complete control of hot water

Stylish and advanced design

The ECO27 water heater is designed with copper and stainless components to increase efficiency and durability. A tankless electric water heater saves valuable storage space so, and it would be a special offer with its stylish and smart look. The outlook of EcoSmart water heaters are always eyes catchy. ECO27 has a dimension of 17’’H*17’’W*3.75’’D, and pipe settings are ¾ inch NPT. It weighs 13.75 lbs.

Self-modulating technology

EcoSmart ECO27 electric tankless water heater has self-modulating technology. It operates on flow sensors. The flow sensors regulate energy consumption to fulfill the hunger for hot water. Self-modulating technology reduces the problem of low water pressure in which the standard unit might not even work correctly.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: ECO27
  • KW: 27
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Maximum Temperature: 112.5
  • Required Breaker: 3*40 AMP
  • Wire Gauge: 3*8 AWG
  • Size: 17’’*17’’*3.75
  • Weight: 13.75 lbs.
  • Water Connection: ¾’’ NPT

Common Mistakes that all do

Most people deserve hot water in a higher GPM, even having the incoming water temperature quite low. It is sarcastic. EcoSmart has substantial information about the capacity of this unit. However, we often make mistakes by not getting our heads straight around that wealthy indication. For example, if you want 4-Gallon water per minute, the best effort this water heater can ever do is heat the water to 46-degree. Alternatively, if you wish to 110-degree shower at 4-Gallon per minute, then you must have to ensure that the temperature of incoming water is 64-degree. As already you have summarized the relationship between the flow rate and the heat, so to solve those above-mentioned problems, you will need a low flow head shower, which might cost like $20.

Some reviewers mentioned that their required hot water is down to a trickle. It is another mistake that we forget to gather knowledge about the product’s infrastructure. ECO27 has several heat exchangers inside the heater. These heat exchangers are made of 3 copper pipes, crossly connected in series with about ½’’ diameter copper section. So, there could be a flow restriction but nothing radical as we think. Clean the pipes or replace the valves. Doing so you will not able to observe a loss of flow anywhere in your home.


  • Supply endless hot water on your instant demand.
  • Save up to the 50-percent heating cost for its self-modulating system.
  • The lucrative and stylish design creates extra appeal for this product.
  • Temperature can be controlled digitally within the range from 80-degree F to 140-degree F.
  • Quickly replaceable elements offer customer to increase this product’s durability.
  • Save valuable spaces for its tankless design.
  • Copper and stainless elements were also beneficial for increasing efficiency.
  • Maximum power requires 112.5 AMP with 40 AMP double pole break, which comparatively low.


Sometimes the outgoing water temperature remains the same as the cold-water supply.

Solution: Make sure that the breakers at the main electric panel are on. It also occurs when water flow rate is too low. Water flow rate should be 0.3-Gallon per minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will this product be damaged at freezing temperature?

Answer: Although ECO27 electric tankless water heater is designed to survive in a colder climate up to 37-degree F., it could not work at a satisfactory level below this instructed temperature.

2. Is this unit capable of running by solar system?

Answer: Sure! Why not? But in that case, you will need help from an electrician. Otherwise, it could be injurious.

3. What year is the protection required in this unit?

Answer: Your new electric tankless water heater requires no protection at all. However, to ensure the most performance of your water heater and to lessen the threat of a water leak, you should look into the connections at the inlet and outlet valves. Any signs of damage, cracks, leakage or weak point should get replaced. Take care to the over-tighten the links. Internal severe damage in your water heater can occur if you over tighten the water heater connections on the unit.

4. Can it be used for base water heat source rather than a boiler?

Solution: The cost might be very high to operate this unit, the way you are willing. It allows you to hold up until the outdoor temperature goes underneath zero for an extended period. It can cost the price approximately to be a mean of $70 for the whole winter season. Therefore, it is not a great option.

Final verdict

ECO27 is so small and lightweight that you can easily carry it to your house, keeping beneath your arm. This tankless water heater supports remote thermostat control, which is very helpful in minimizing tedious effort. Through a wise layout EcoSmart ECO27 water heater ignores drippy taps as its minimum flow rate is ¼-Gallon per minute. So, this product should never go beyond your attention for its unique features and performances.

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