DEWALT DCS355D1 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit Review

For many years, Dewalt has been making quality products with the finest and durable materials for their customers. They always try their best to improve in producing and enhancing the features of their selling items. For the convenience of the buyers or users, they give their best efforts in designing new products. However, cordless DEWALT DCS355D1 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit is one of their best creations. Those who have plans for doing remodeling, repairing or construction jobs, two factors are really vital for them: portable tools and quick access to the tools.

There is great news that this Dewalt oscillating tool fulfills these two requirements. For the DIY people as well as the builders or contractors, this tool is a great addition to their collection of power tools. Like other oscillating tools, it’s capable of doing the jobs of cutting, scraping, sanding and removing grout or mortar.



Dimension and Weight

Its dimension is 17.2 x 5.1 x 9.8 inches and it weighs 6.6 pounds.

0-20,000 OPM (Oscillation Per Minute)

Dewalt DCS355D1 can produce up to 20,000 oscillations per minute at an oscillation angle of 1.6 degrees, which is enough to get any job done. It helps to minimize vibration and ensures greater control where precision is needed.

Battery- powered cordless tool

It’s a non-corded oscillating multi-purpose tool. It’s powered by a 20V MAX XR compact Li-Ion battery. This is a 2ah (amp hour) battery. It represents that this battery can deliver 2 amps of power for 1 hour. Before buying a battery for backup, it’s very important to check for its compatibility.

Dewalt’s fast charger gets the battery charged and ready for use in 20 minutes.

DUAL-GRIP Variable Speed Trigger

Other oscillating tools have variable speed dial by which you can set the oscillation speed. Then the unit itself maintains the speed based on the pressure applied to the blade. But Dewalt DCS355 has a dual-grip variable speed trigger to control the speed of oscillation. You can either slow down or speed up depending upon the pressure that you apply to the trigger.

Besides, this product has a trigger-lock that allows you to lock the trigger. It ensures that the unit will not start by chance. You can also use the trigger-lock for locking the oscillating speed at maximum. To release the lock, simply squeeze the trigger.

Quick Accessory Changing System

The accessory changing system of this Dewalt oscillating tool is the fastest in the industry as it uses a lever which is powered by a spring. Of course the spring is strong enough for holding the blades or other accessories in place when the tool works. No Allen wrench is needed for replacing the accessories and no worries for loose pins. It’s one of the best features why the tool has become so popular! Along with the Dewalt blades, the quick-change accessory system also allows blades of other brands that have rectangular holes and open slotted design. When you need to buy blades, you should check properly whether they are compatible with the design system.

Oscillating Tool Guide System
This Dewalt multi tool includes an Oscillating Tool Guide System. This tool guide system makes it easier for the user to set the height or depth of cuts while cutting. It also helps to make even cuts in non-adjacent areas. At the end of the tool guide, a wheel is connected that rolls across the work surface. This guide is actually made for precise control. You can attach the tool guide to either side of the unit. You can also leave it in your tool bag if you don’t need it.

cutting purpose


Sanding purpose


Scraping purpose


Brush-less Motor

An XR label has been given to this Dewalt 20V multi tool, which stands for Extreme Runtime. This oscillating tool has a brushless motor. Compared to brushed motors, it provides 57% more run time. It delivers more efficiency with less friction and also less heat production. Moreover, the brushless designed motor has less number of parts that can break or wear out than brushed motors.

Universal Accessory Adaptor

It’s also great that in Dewalt 20v oscillating tool, you can use the Universal Accessory Adapter which provides a way of attaching blades that come from different bands or manufacturers. In this way, this adapter helps to use those blades of other brands that may not get matched with the quick change accessory system. This adapter has a flange and screw that connects the blades to the unit. In this case, you need to use a hex wrench. It may not be as efficient and as fast as the quick change accessory, but it provides you with an opportunity to try accessories of other brands.

LED Light

Dewalt understands that how much frustrated you can get when you don’t have enough light for working on your project. For solving the problem of insufficient light, they have enhanced one feature of their oscillating tool with the inclusion of an LED light. This light is placed at the front of the tool. You can activate it by giving pressure to the trigger mechanism. So, now you don’t have to carry any heavy flashlights when you need extra light. Now it’s really easy to work in places like inside a drawer, in a closet or in a windowsill.

Three-year Limited Warranty

This Dewalt cordless oscillating tool is covered by a three-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

What is in the Dewalt 20v Oscillating Tool Kit Package?

  • (1) DCS355 20V MAX XR Oscillating Tool
  • (1) DCB203: 20V MAX XR Compact Li-Ion Battery (2.0Ah)
  • (1) DCB101 Charger
  • (1) Oscillating Tool Guide System
  • (1) Universal accessory adaptor
  • (1) Wood with nails blade
  • (1) Sanding pad
  • (25) Sheets of sanding paper
  • (1) Contractor bag and an accessory storage box


  • Cordless, no hazard of carrying around electrical cords.
  • Battery-powered, so easily portable. Battery is rechargeable.
  • Battery can be interchanged with other DEWALT batteries of 20V.
  • Fast charger
  • Quick change accessory system really saves a lot of time, especially when you replace accessories or blade angles a lot.
  • Dewalt oscillating tool guide system is for controlling or adjusting the height and depth of cutting.
  • Dual Grip variable speed trigger allows controlling the oscillation speed.
  • Brushless motor offers 57% more run time than any other brushed motor.
  • Brushless motor takes less power to operate, so the battery lasts longer. There is less friction and heat. Therefore, the service life of the tool extends.
  • Universal accessory adaptor gives you the chance to try any blades from other manufacturers you may have on hand.
  • Powerful LED light is included for precise cutting in dark work surfaces.
  • Reasonable price.
  • A contractor bag, a lithium-ion battery and a charger come with the purchase.
  • 3 year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Cons with solutions

The Tool Guide System gets in the way while working

Some users have found that while doing other jobs apart from cutting, the tool guide comes in the way and it’s very disturbing.

Solution: Detach the tool guide-
When you don’t need the guide bracket, it can be easily removed from the unit. Moreover, it’s always better to separate the guide when you need to have a full-depth cut using blades, otherwise it affects cutting.

No Belt Clip is included 

Every other Dewalt cordless multi tool was provided with a belt clip, but with this tool it was not included. While working on a scaffold or at the top of a ladder, it gets very difficult to change accessories of the tool as it is needed to put the tool somewhere without having the risk of falling down. A belt clip could solve this problem. Many buyers had an expectation for it as they faced difficulty while working for not having a belt clip.

Solution: Look for a compatible belt clip- This unit has a hole in the same position for belt clip like on other cordless oscillating tools of Dewalt brand. Some users have found that it is possible to attach a belt clip if there is a proper bolt available. If you have a desire for a belt clip, you can search for a compatible Dewalt’s clip with screw on Amazon.

The tool is a bit noisy

While using this Dewalt 20V Max XR tool, noise can be an issue for many people.

Solution: Wear ear protection- Take hearing protection to avoid noise.


Q- How many batteries and chargers come with the tool?
Ans. 1 battery and 1 charger are included in the package.

Q- Can other brands of blades fit onto this tool?
Ans. Yes, with the help of the Universal accessory adaptor, you can attach the blades of other manufacturers to this DCS355D1 tool.

Q- How the XR tools differ from non XR tools on the Dewalt 20v line?
Ans. Extreme Runtime (XR) tools have brushless motors. It is more efficient as it produces less friction and heat. These XR tools also come with battery packs of higher capacity.

Q- Do the batteries of other brands match this unit?
Ans. No, batteries from other manufacturers will not work on this tool.

Q- Can this tool cut through metal piping?
Ans. Yes, it can.

Final Verdict

The Dewalt DCS355D1 20V XR Lithium-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit has been designed to satisfy the working needs of the users fully. This multi-tool has taken into consideration critical issues like- durability, efficiency and high quality. If you need to perform small tasks periodically, then its better you use a cordless tool. Using an electrical corded tool may become a burden to you. With the advancement of batteries, Dewalt batteries can provide you long time service. It’s really great that you get the oscillating tool and necessary accessories as a kit. You can save a lot of time, money and effort.

As this Dewalt 20V oscillating tool kit is affordable and can fulfill any kind of remodeling or renovation purpose. This tool is suitable for professional use as well. So, if you are searching for best oscillating tool, this Dewalt oscillating multi tool should be on your list.

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