Dremel is a company which was well-known for making outstanding rotary tool. But in 2008, it joined the market of oscillating tool by introducing their first Multi-Max oscillating tool. It was the Dremel Multi-Max 20. After that, they have gone through a couple of experiments with their multi-tools. Then they have developed the model 40. They have maintained a sequence to the model number like Dremel MM40-01, 40-02, 40-05. When they make significant changes in their tools, then they change the model number.

For example, there were major changes between the MM20 and MM30. Likewise, there are noteworthy changes between MM30 and MM40. Now we are going to talk about the Dremel MM40-06 Multi-Max Oscillating Tool with 3.8 amp power. It has a set of accessories of 36 pieces. The noticeable feature is the accessory changing system of this tool known as ‘Quick Lock System’. It lets you change the accessories safely and without any use of tools. The Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Workstation Drill Press has many features that you'll find compelling.

Let’s take a look at the details of this oscillating unit in this Dremel multi max mm40 review.


Weight and Dimension 

It weighs 4.5 pounds and its dimensions 17.2 x 4.2 x 10.5 inches.

OPM (Oscillations Per Minute)

It produces 10,000 - 21,000 oscillations per minute.

Highest powered tool in its class

One of the great features of oscillating tool is its high performance. It can accomplish the most demanding and the toughest applications as it has a motor of 3.8 Amp. It operates at 120 volts. This tool comes with 3.2 degrees of oscillation. It’s the highest Amp rated tool among those tools that fall into the same range of price.

Quick-Lock Accessory Change Interface

Every manufacturer of oscillating multi-tools has made their own design to provide a quick way of changing blades and accessories. Dremel is no exception. They have developed the Quick-Lock system.

This Quick-Lock Change System lets the user change the accessories with a simple turn of a lever. You can do it safely and without using any kind of tools. So, finally you can use a wrench-free oscillating tool. The Dremel MM40-06 Multi-Max provides you with the quickest accessory-change system than other similar oscillating tools in the market. It gives you the opportunity to switch between a wide variety of accessories rapidly and easily. It allows you to finish your projects without any trouble.

Quick-Boost Feature

This is a wonderful feature that comes along with this tool. Generally, while using an oscillating tool, it becomes a challenge to cut through a tough material. As the tool goes through the material, slowly it tends to reduce its speed and the user has to apply more effort to help it cut through. If you have faced this type of situation with your oscillating tool previously, now its time for you to be happy as the Dremel Multi- Max mm40 is available with a quick-boost feature. It keeps up a constant speed throughout the toughest materials and applications. You can stay worry-free that your oscillating tool might slow down or get stopped in the middle of a tough job. This tool has brought an improved cutting speed. You can avail that speed by maximizing the angle of oscillation to 3.2 degrees. By setting it to 3.2 oscillation angle, you can get double cutting speed than other comparable tools.

Quick-hold Magnetic Flange System

This one is another important feature of this Dremel multi max. The Quick-hold magnetic flange holds the accessory in place and makes it easier and faster for you to change the accessories securely. It also saves your time and effort. The Quick-hold magnetic flange system is designed ergonomically so that the accessories stay in place without slipping while in use. So it accelerates the speed of your work as the accessories don’t get moved at all and you can also accomplish your tasks safely.

Variable Speed Dial

When you are working on a project and your tool doesn’t allow you to change the speed of cutting or scraping, it’s the most frustrating situation you face. It becomes very tiring when you have to work with a wide range of material. If you can’t set the speed of your tool, then for some material it can cut or scrape fast, but in case of other material it can take ages. However, Dremel multi max-3.8 gives you the privilege to regulate the speed according to what kind of material you want to work on. Thus, it also augments your performance. The variable speed dial can be adjusted from 2 to 10.

Separate on/off Switch

Another aspect of this Dremel tool is that it has a separate on/off switch. So, the tool can retain the speed setting that you last used. So, if you want to work at a different speed level, at first you must adjust the speed dial and then you switch on your machine again. Otherwise, the tool will start working from the previous point of speed level unless you change it. But it saves time when you want to work with the previous speed setting. You don’t have to reset the speed dial.

Corded Unit

This is a corded unit and has a 7-foot rubber-coated cord. This corded tool delivers consistent power.


The tool is supported by a limited warranty of two years.

What is included in the Tool Kit?

  • 1 Dremel Multi-Max 40-06 Oscillating Multi-Tool
  • 1 Hard Carry Case
  • 36 accessories include the following:
Dremel tool for cutting

For Cutting:

  • MM480 Wood Flush Cutting Blade
  • MM435 Drywall Jab Saw
  • MM482 Wood/Metal Flush Cutting Blade
  • MM450 Wood/Drywall Blade
Scraping and Grout Removal

Scraping & Grout Removal:

  • MM610 Flexible Scraper
  • MM502 1/16 inch Grout Blade.
Dremel tool for Sanding

For Sanding:

  • MM14 Hook and Loop Pad
  • MM70W Sandpaper sheets for wood (60 grit (5), 120 grit (5), 240 grit (5))
  • MM70P Sandpaper sheets for paint (60 grit (5), 120 grit (5), 240 grit (4))


  • Sturdy and powerful 3.8 Amp motor can meet the most demanding applications.
  • Has a tool-free accessory change system for easy and fast accessory change.
  • Has a Quick-Boost feature for upholding a constant cutting speed.
  • Has a Quick-hold magnetic flange for holding accessories safely.
  • The variable speed control provides you with the optimal control over the tool.
  • Has a separate on-off switch. So, speed setting can be retained. This feature of this tool speeds up the flow of work.
  • The Dremel MM40-06 can fit into tight spaces.
  • The tool kit contains 36 accessories for various specific purposes such as cutting, scraping, grinding, sanding and grout removal.
  • Dremel has brought a new universal adapter that allows its tool attachments to be used on all current oscillating multi-tools. This means that you can use widely available Dremel Multi-Max blades and accessories on Fein, Rockwell, Bosch, Craftsman, Ridgid and Master-force branded multi-tools.

Cons with solutions

Corded, electricity powered tool

The only power source that the tool depends on is electricity.

Solution: As it’s a corded oscillating tool, electricity is the only power source for operating it. No other power option is there for this tool such as batteries. However, an advantage of a corded tool is that most of the places have electricity support and you can get a stable source of power. Nevertheless, if you are in search of a battery-powered tool, then this tool is not the one you are looking for.

Use of non-Dremel blades is not recommended

Using any other brand blades with this Dremel MM40-05 oscillating tool isn’t recommended.

Solution: The method of attaching blades on the MM40-05 is unique. So, universal blades of other manufacturers may not be compatible. Even if they get attached, they will fall off while using. But all other Dremel blades and accessories are compatible with this Dremel MM40-05 tool except the MM720 Multi-Flex. All these matching Dremel accessories are strong, good and capable enough to perform their specific tasks and thus help you complete your project successfully. 

Removing a Broken Floor Tile

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of projects can the Dremel Multi-Max MM40 handle that I couldn’t complete using other previous model of the Dremel Oscillating tool?

Ans- The Dremel Multi-Max MM40 can be used to tackle lots of diverse projects more efficiently than previous Dremel oscillating tools. Because of its enhanced design and increased power, it’s a perfect and a superb tool for repairing, restoring and remodeling faster. It’s well-fitted for heavy use for a long period of time.

Q. Are the Dremel oscillating accessories compatible with the oscillating tools of other manufacturers?

Ans- With the help of the Dremel Multi-Max Universal Adapter MM300, Dremel brand oscillating accessories may be used on other brands’ oscillating tools. But you can’t use the MM720 Multi-Flex attachment as it is exclusively made for the Dremel oscillating tools.

Q. Is there sufficient room in the hard case for extra blades?

Ans- Yes, there is enough room in the case for storing extra accessories.

Q. Does the unit not support 220v-240v?

Ans- No, it supports 120v.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max Oscillating Tool is an amazing unit for professionals and those who enjoy doing their own renovating tasks around the house. Its features are powerful enough to accomplish any type of remodeling projects. There are lots of customers who have found this tool comfortable and useful. So, if you think that it’s capable enough to fulfill your expectations, then why wait? It will be a great addition to your toolbox!

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