Rockwell RK5151K Sonicrafter F80

In the oscillating multi-tool market, Rockwell has proved once more that they are one of the major players. This time they have introduced the new Rockwell RK5151K Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool with a new Duo-tech feature which no other oscillating tool company has come up with yet. In our rockwell f80 review, we are going to give you a clear picture of its features.

Rockwell f80 is the first multi-tool of its category that offers a choice of two oscillating angles. The Duo-tech oscillating technology lets the users choose the appropriate angle of oscillation to achieve the best outputs when performing specific tasks. In the industry, most of the similar multi-tools have one fixed oscillating angle, but Rockwell incorporated this latest innovation in the F80 tool. This means the users have the options to switch from 3.4 degrees to 5.0 degrees when it’s required. This Rockwell Sonicrafter F80 4.2 amp unit comes with a 10-piece accessory kit. Different job applications like scraping, sanding, cutting or polishing can be entirely done with this tool.

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Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool with...
  • [POWER & PRECISION] Up to 19,000 oscillations per minute with 2 angles of attack: 5° for more power, 3.4°...
  • [1 TON OF CLAMPING FORCE] The tool-free Hyperlock blade change system prevents slippage while operating, no...
  • [UNIVERSAL FIT] Accepts all major brand’s blades, sanders, and accessories for your convenience—but this...

Features of  Rockwell RK5151K

Weight and Dimension

The tool is lightweight and weighs 3.3 lbs. The dimension of the product is 11.6 x 3.5 x 4 inches.

Oscillations per minute (OPM)

It’s capable of producing 10,000-19,000 oscillations per minute.

DuoTech Oscillation Technology

The Rockwell oscillating tool F80 is the first oscillation tool that came on the market with dual oscillating angles. While most of the multi-tools provide only one fixed perspective, but Rockwell first introduced this feature in their latest oscillating tool Sonicrafter F80. Now it’s possible for the user to switch between a 3.4 and 5.0-degree oscillation according to the demand of the job at hand. The 3.4-degree oscillation provides the user a continuous or steady control. It ensures more precision in work. When you have to handle tasks that need more attention and accuracy, you can set your tool to an oscillation angle of 3.4 degrees. However, some projects may require faster results and the 5.0-degree oscillation is very good for getting aggressive results. With this higher oscillation angle, you can complete those projects that demand quicker results and also has limitations of time.

Hyperlock Tool-free Clamping System

This Rockwell RK5151K F80 unit has a Hyperlock clamping system. It is a tool-free blade and accessory changing mechanism that firmly and securely locks the blades and other accessories to the group. You can alternate your accessories according to your needs while working and your accessories don’t fall off due to any insecure attachment. In this Hyperlock system, a screw is used to tighten up the fitting between two metal discs and this is done with a clamping force of 1 ton. This considerable force doesn’t allow the accessories or blades to move or slip while the tool works. You can place and lock the blade at any angle, and it doesn’t get detached. Therefore, this system lets you finish your project peacefully. 

Universal Fit System

At the early evolutionary stage of oscillating tools, most of the accessories were proprietary. However, as time passed, users wanted to use the blades and other attachments of different manufacturers with different branded oscillating tools. So, the multi-tool companies also had to come up with the idea that they should find a technique to match those accessories and thus satisfy the needs of the users. Like others, Rockwell too brought a solution for this issue, and their answer was the Universal Fit System. It’s the first real universal fit system in the industry that doesn’t use an adapter.

The Universal Fit System makes the Rockwell Sonicrafter a versatile tool. Like another previous model of Sonicrafter F series, this feature has been incorporated in the Sonicrafter F80 as well. This unit is compatible with most other significant branded blades and accessories and thus makes your work trouble free. Furthermore, Rockwell blades and attachments are made in such a way that it suits other oscillating multi-tools effortlessly. It doesn’t matter which brand or model or even the year you purchased your accessories. Hence, if you already own other oscillating tools, you don’t have to take any stress that whether the Rockwell multi-tool accessories will match or not. You don’t have to look for various oscillating tools or compatible blades and other accessories all the time. Now you can take a true universal oscillating experience by using this Rockwell unit.

4.2 Amp Motor

Its sturdy and robust 4.2 Amp motor supports constant speed. It can endure heavy loads. Though anyone can use this tool, it’s an ideal one for construction workers whose job requires strong and powerful multi-tools to accomplish heavy-duty applications faster with accuracy.

Variable Speed Control

The variable speed dial control is at the back of the unit. It’s easily accessible but is kept at the end so that no accidental changes occur to the speed. You can use this dial for precision control. It supports you create smooth movements. By setting an appropriate oscillation speed, you can ensure a clean finish whenever it’s required. By controlling speed, this dial also makes the tool perfectly safe for use.

Highest Cutting Load

The Rockwell Sonicrafter can handle up to 35 pounds of cutting load. In the industry, it’s one of the best capabilities nowadays. It means that this tool can be pushed harder than any other branded oscillating multi-tool.

LED Light

In Rockwell Sonicraft F50 (Model RK5141K), there were two LED lights. However, this Rockwell Sonicraft F80 features one LED light. It is placed in front of the tool. It was moved to the front as it was necessary to make some space for Duotech oscillation switch. F80 also lost one of the two switches for the design purpose that were available on the model F50.

Corded and Electrical

It’s a 10 foot corded and electricity-powered unit.


The Rockwell RK5151K F80 Duotech Sonicrafter is backed up by a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

What is included?

The Rockwell F80 comes with the following items:

  • (1) 3-1/8″ HSS Semicircle Saw Blade – RW8928
  • (1) 1-3/8″ Wood End Cut Blade – RW8901
  • (1) 1-3/8″ Precision Wood End Cut Blade – RW8950
  • (1) 1-3/8″ Extended Life Wood & Nail End Cut Blade – RW8967
  • (1) 1-3/8″ Wood Plunge & Saw Blade – RW8958
  • (1) Flexible Scraper Blade – RW8922
  • (1) Sanding Pad – RW8938
  • (3) Sanding Sheets
  • (1) Hard Carrying Case


  • Dual angles of oscillation, 5 and 3.4 degrees.
  • Duotech oscillation technology helps to choose the ideal angle of oscillation. It confirms the accuracy and power necessary for a particular task.
  • Tool-free Hyperlock clamping system is a natural mechanism for locking and changing accessories and blades. It uses 1 ton of clamping force to protect the accessories from slipping while in use.
  • Universal Fit System makes the F80 unit a versatile one as it fits most of the significant branded blades. Even Rockwell blades fit other manufacturers’ oscillating tools.
  • 4.2 Amp durable and powerful motor can take heavy loads and won’t stop running. It allows for constant speed.
  • Variable speed dial helps to control precision in work.
  • Sonicrafter F80 withstands the maximum stall force of 35 pounds.
  • One LED light to illuminate work space.
  • The 10-foot cord gives the user convenience to working in any working situation.
  • Includes ten accessories and one hard carrying case. The hard case provides you with the space for storing the tool, and there is a storage for the blades in the lid.
  • Comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Cons with Solutions

Hyperlock tool-free mechanism requires a bit more time and effort

One notable disadvantage of the tool-free Hyperlock accessory clamping system of Sonicrafter F80 is, it uses a pin which needs screwing. Though it’s a tool-free system, a pin is required to attach the accessories. As a result, it takes a little bit more time to change accessories or blades.


It’s true that in Hyperlock system, the clamps have been added for tightening up the accessories and also for safety reason. Even though this locking mechanism may provide the extra protection necessary during use, blades or accessory switching becomes a little confusing compared to other usual systems. Some users who want an oscillating unit that will save their time may find this accessory changing system as a time-consuming process.

Nevertheless, once you get used to the process of locking and unlocking the clamps, using the Sonicrafter F80 will become more comfortable for you and then you’ll be able to take advantage of the system thoroughly. You’ll be able to work securely without any hassle.

The Instruction Manual doesn’t contain enough information

Some users have claimed that there isn’t adequate information in the instruction manual about setting up the unit before using it.


The users, who have less experience with oscillating tools, may face difficulties to figure out the process of setting up the tool F80. However, for more experienced users who are familiar with oscillating tools, this won’t be a challenge or a problem at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the tool vibrate and heat up enough?

All oscillating tools vibrate during use. Some echoes less, and some echoes more compared to others. Of course, this Rockwell Sonicrafter F80 echoes too, but not excessively that makes you feel uncomfortable while working with it. As the tool doesn’t vibrate much, there isn’t any report of heating up. However, as it’s an electrical unit, after working a couple of hours if you give it a rest for some time, then the tool will get time to cool down and won’t get heated up much. Besides, it’ll extend the service life of the apparatus.

Does the Rockwell F80 work with 220 volts?

No, the tool works with 110 volts.

Which blade comes with F80 for cutting nails?

The F80 comes along with a 1-3/8" Extended Life Wood & Nail end cut blade - RW8967. For cutting nails, this blade would be the best.

What are the main differences between Sonicrafter F80 and Sonicrafter F50? Is F80 better than F50?

As a multi-tool, the Sonicrafter F80 comes with all the features that can fulfill your needs. If you compare it with F50, then F80 has some compelling features that the F50 doesn’t have. For example, F80 has a 4.2 amp motor while F50 has a 4.0 amp motor. So, F80 is a little bit more potent than F50. The F80 has dual oscillation angles- 5 degrees and 3.4 degrees. 5-degree oscillation for faster cuts and 3.4-degree oscillation for getting more control when you want fine cuts. On the other hand, the F50 has only one oscillation angle of 5 degrees. Except all these, they are very similar.

Final Verdict

Overall, the performance of the Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating Multi-Tool is quite impressive. This oscillating tool has a wide array of accessories, and a storage box is provided as well. It has made working-life easier for both occasional home users and professional users. Many customers have reported that they had a better working experience than before while finishing their projects. This oscillating unit has received high ratings consistently from the customers over the internet. On many sites, this tool got a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.0. Most of the users have liked and recommended the Rockwell RK5151K F80 duo tech Sonicrafter for its two oscillating angles, tool-free faster blade attachment feature and a powerful 4.2 amp motor. In rockwell f80 review, we have tried to give you detailed information about the Rockwell RK5151K F80 unit. Eventually, the choice is yours.

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